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First Impressions: 7x02 Hello, Cruel World

Trying something new (yes, again) this season with my reviews.

I feel the need to express my opinion about the episodes, but I want it to be fun for all of you and easy for me. Trying to walk that tightrope is a tricky thing. We'll see how this goes...a picspam with some of my thoughts and maybe a quote here and there.

Sorry I'm so late with this. RL, LJ going down, and other stuff delayed me.

Warning: Image heavy!

I took some hand-written notes during the program this time, during the commercial breaks. Not easy to remember everything that way, but I've seen the episode enough over the past week that I feel I can fill in the missing parts. ;)

I like this whole pick-up-from-the-last-eppy business.

Cas is gone and hello Leviathans, which for ease of use I will now refer to as Levis. *g*

Very cool effect with the black veins!

You gotta love Dean's methodology. If you can't beat'em, convince them it's time to give up and go home...for now anyway.

Cas's meatsuit is definitely not doing too well. :(

The Levi promises to be back to finish the job. Love Dean's defiant face. :)

Ooopsie! Note the stray water bottle on the table left by a crew member. Continuity!!!! :P

*shallow moment* Dean...Jensen....laying that way...*guh*

Meanwhile, Sam's still in the corridor of the lab, getting strangled by Hallucifer.

Luci's still trying to convince Sam that he's never left the pit.

You’re not real.
Right. You think this fruit-bat fever dream is reality? You come back, I'm sorry, with no soul like some peppy American Psycho ‘til Saint Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia. You’re real. I’m very real. Everything between is what we call set dressing.
You’re still in my cell. You’re my bunkmate, buddy. You’re my little bitch, in every sense of the term. Sam. Sam.

And suddenly Dean is there with Bobby, not really knowing what's going on with Sam, but they've gotta go.

Levi!Cas has found the local water supply and decided to take a plunge, before his meatsuit gives out.

The guys catch up just in time to see the Levis spread in the lake. Bobby: Aw, hell.
To put it mildly.

Did you catch Sam kinda staggering around in the background? Poor Sammy. :(

Bobby points out: If they’re in the pipes, they got themselves a highway to anywhere.

Dean spots Cas's trenchcoat in the water and picks it up. Cas!!! :(

Dean: Dumb son of a bitch.

Nice how he reverently folds up the coat.

Awww...Sam looks so sweet when he's sleeping. :)

Dean: That’s 12 hours straight. I’m calling that rested. Here - hydrate and, um, protein-ate.
Sam: Breakfast in bed.
Dean: Don’t get used to it.

Double hand!porn!!!!!

The protein bar Dean gives to Sam is Chocolate & Cinnamon.

Dean then looks at the cut on Sam's hand, which HalliLucifer is there to mock. I love it though...that big-brother caring of Dean that we haven't seen in a while.

As someone else pointed out online, there's something fascinating about seeing Dean's hands, which are usually these killing things, being so tender and careful with Sam's wounded hand.

Once the hand is getting wrapped up again, Dean wants to know how Sam's doing. He knows something's not right.

Sam comes clean about his hallucinations.

He points out he wasn't hiding it from Dean, but just not talking about it. Heh...as Dean said in S1 "Yeah, that's called lying." But he thought Dean and Bobby had enough going on and didn't need to be worrying about him. He figured he could handle it.

Dean wants to know the whole story...and Sam tells it....Lucifer, the whole nine yards.

And even while he's describing all of this to Dean and Bobby, Luci is right there. Dean soon catches on that Sam's seeing him right then. "You know he's not real, right?"

Luci being ever-present.

So a tearful Sam says, "He says the same thing about you." Yeah, how can you argue with that?

Bobby and Dean looking on a little worriedly at Sam in the other room. Bobby figures he's doing good, since he's not curled up under the sink.

But Dean's not comforted by the fact that Sam's silently field stripping his gun.

Bobby then turns the concern towards Dean. He's dealing with a lot right now: Cas gone, Sam seeing things, and the Levis loose in the world. Dean blows it off, of course, and Bobby gently reminds him he's always there, if needed. Cute little smirk from Dean...

And one from Bobby after calling him an idjit. Awww....

Just backing up a bit....LOVED the ads as the Levi!Kid was watching TV. The ones about Biggersons and Dr. Sexy. LOL Oh, show. You're priceless!
Biggerson's Ad: We know you’re hungry. Why not indulge yourself at Biggerson’s home-made pie bar? It’s like a salad bar, but with pie.
Mmm...a pie bar sounds real yummy! :D
Sheriff Mills!!!!

She's just had an appendectomy by Dr. Gaines. Nice guy...her roommate could be a little less annoying, however.

Dean comes back from a supply run and Sam & Bobby have picked up a strange attack of some high school swimmers. They send a reluctant Dean to go check it out.

The Levis having a little meeting about what to do next.

Dean checks out the locker room crime scene and sees a smear of black on the wall. Uh oh.

He calls up Sam who is hanging out with Luci in the background.

Dean: Well we are positive for ick.
He's heading back to Bobby's place.

Meanwhile, Jodi's noticed her Dr. take away her bunkmate rather suspiciously. She follows...

And watches as he cuts out the woman's liver and eats it!

Sam's still fighting with Luci over why he doesn't just end this charade.

But Luci is enjoying this all too much. "It all ends when you can't take it anymore."

Bobby has faith that Sam can beat Lucifer again, but that's tough to accept when Sam is watching Luci stab Bobby with a fire poker.

Jodi calls Bobby on the phone, telling him her doctor is a monster.

I can't believe Bobby doesn't remember her at first! WTH man? Anyway, he figures something's up, so he leaves Sam to go see about it.

The Levis are gathering at the hospital. Seems a great place to get free food...people.

Why not take over more hospital staff and have an open bar? Kinda evil/creepy how they took out their vocal chords so they couldn't scream. Yikes.

Dean returns to Bobby's place and says he needs Sam to come with him to follow up on the Levis who are new in town.

Sam's a little unsure, but tags along.

In the car, Dean seems less convinced that Sam can recover from the hallucinations. "No, but you are crazy. That don’t wash off. You get that, right? You are never going to be okay, Sam."
Aw, don't listen to him, Sam! That's not really Dean!

We get confirmation of this when the real Dean returns to Bobby's empty house. Good thing he turned on the GPS on Sam's phone.

Such a pretty shot of the Impala pulling up to a building.

Not!Dean reminds Sam to keep it together 'cause who knows what he'll start seeing.
Sam: "How is this helping?"
Good question, Sam. That's not your brother!!!!

Sure enough, they enter the building and everything's different, including Dean....

who quickly morphs into Lucifer.

Sam starts firing, but Luci's too quick.
"Your world is whatever I want it to be, understand?"

Want to know the truth? Want to skip to the last page of the book? You know where to aim. Cowboy.

Bobby's still back at the hospital, trying to understand why Jodi's roommate is dead from a foot operation. He's interrupted by Levi!Dr.Gaines...who remembers Bobby from the lab when he saw him through Cas's eyes. Uh oh.

OMG Scary yet cool Levi mouth!!!! Bobby high-tails it out of there when buckshot proves ineffective.

Real Dean has found where Sam is.
Not!Dean: "Oh look, another me."

Sam aims his gun right at Dean. "I thought I was with you, Dean."
Poor Sam's broken voice. *wants to hug him*

Dean tries to convince Sam he's real, but it doesn't help that Luci's over by the wall talking to Sam, who soon starts firing.

Dean: Whoa, whoa! Sam! This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!
One of my favorite lines of the eppy. :D

Dean: Look at me. Come on. You don’t know what’s real? Look man, I’ve been to Hell. Okay, I know a thing or two about torture. Enough to know that it feels different. Than the pain of this, this regular, stupid, crappy this.
Sam's still unconvinced and Dean asks for his hurt hand.
DEAN: This is real. Not a year ago, not in Hell, now. I was with you when you cut it, I sewed it up! Look!

Sam's starting to get there, but Luci is still there.

So Dean presses into the cut on Sam's hand and grabs the gun as well. When Sam feels the physical pain, Luci flickers.
Lucifer: We've done a lot more with pain.

Dean: This is different. Right? Then the crap that’s tearing at your walnut? I’m different. Right?

Yeah, I think so.
You sure about that, bunk buddy?

But Sam's starting to get it, pressing his own thumb into the wound.

Dean: You got away. We got you out, Sammy.
Believe in that! Believe me, okay? You gotta believe me. You gotta make it stone number one and build on it. You understand?
Lucifer disappears and Sam relaxes. Bobby then calls telling them about his encounter with the Levi in the hospital. They'll meet back at his place to regroup.

But when the boys arrive the house is burnt to the ground. Nooooo!!!!!!!

Dean: Oh, no.
We were all saying that, weren't we? OMG Bobby's house! *cries*

The boys start looking for Bobby, fearing the worst. Sending Sam in one direction, Dean leaves Bobby a voicemail message.
"You cannot be in that crater back there. I can’t... If you’re gone, I swear, I am going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I’m gonna drive us off the pier. You asked me how I was doing? Well not good! Now you said you’d be here. Where are you?"

Sam soon runs into a Levi, but Dean shows up to shoot him in the head.

Without much result. Ooopsie.

There's that awesome mouth again. Eeep!

He easily tosses Dean into a car, breaking his leg. Owie! Dean!!!!!

Sam hits the Levi enough for Dean to get to the control to drop a car on the creature, but not before it hits poor Sam really hard with a metal bar.

Dean crawls over to an unconscious Sam.
Dean: Sammy? Hey, come on now. Come on, I’m the one with the broken leg, you got to carry me. Sam!

In the ambulance Sam's still out and Dean's very worried.

Dean: Sam, stay with me, you hear?

But Sam's awake...in his mind.

And still seeing Lucifer.
Hey, so maybe I’m not real. Nobody’s perfect. And I’m not going anywhere, Sam.
Then Sam starts seizing and Dean finds out they're being taken to Sioux Falls General...where all the Levis are camped out. No!!!!

Back at Bobby's....the black blood recedes from the wounded Levi. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

Can you tell I loved this eppy? :D
Probably one of SPN's best ever. Riveting from start to finish and with excellent acting all the way around. Outstanding!!!
I love how they used Sam's wounded hand to prove to him that his hallucinations aren't real. All the way around it was Dean taking care of that hand, of caring for Sam, that brought him around.

I'm still heartbroken over the loss of Bobby's house. It's been with us since Season 1. Not only is it a wonderful home away from home for the boys, it houses so many wonderful supplies and books that they need. It's been brought up that the panic room is probably still intact, so that gives me some hope. Maybe they could rebuild? The panic room should still come in handy, after all there's still demons, ghosts, etc. out there in the world.

I also mourn the loss of Castiel, but can see why the writers took this direction. The arc with the angels is over. Time to move on. We may well see Castiel again someday, but one has to wonder how we'll see Misha? The meatsuit's gone after all. Though there's always flashbacks. ;)

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