raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Having a most productive day

Really helps when one gets up early. Though I didn't sleep too well and am now paying for it with a headache. Peachy.

But the end result is that I've gotten a lot done today. :)

:: Posted the BluRay caps for 4x02
:: Grabbed caps from 7x03 for my First Impressions review (to be posted ASAP)
:: Capped 7x03
:: Capped the S7 title card for making into animation (know you're waiting for this trystan830 *g*)

Still to do tonight:

* Sort/delete 7x03 caps
* Possibly get 7x03 review caps prepped & ready

I need to get as much done as possible because the power will be turned off in our neighborhood for much of Tuesday. They're putting in new cables. Which means I'll have no internet access until the early evening. *sigh* Ah, well...there's other things I can do. Might be nice to unplug for a few hours.

Tags: livejournal, ramblings, real life, status report
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