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First Impressions: 7x03 The Girl Next Door

Revamping my way of reviewing yet again. Sorry I keep changing things so often. Still trying to find out what works best for me and is the easiest. There's still caps with this post, but not nearly as many.

I apologize again for the tardiness of this review.

Continuity!!!! WTH happened in the ambulance to cause those injuries to Dean's face and ear? Hmmm, show??? They weren't there at the end of 7x02, so why are they there now? I wonder if a scene was cut? *sigh* This is the worst kind of continuity error. Bugs me to no end. :(

Poor Dean getting his broken leg set. Ow! That's not a nice way to wake up. And again...why was he just coming to? Definitely something missing here.

Hello gorgeous! *guh*

Bobby sure looks spiffy in that suit! Wow.

Added Jensen leg!porn! as Bobby lifts Dean back onto the bed. :D I wonder why they went with the typical hospital gown this time? Because of the leg cast? Or maybe Jensen wanted more authenticity.

I LOVE this little moment between the two of them. Only Bobby can reduce Dean to a 5 year old. That little smile as Bobby shows he has complete confidence in Dean. Awwww...

Dean's drug-induced flight to the ambulance bay was fun. Reminded me of those silly faces Jensen pulled in "Clap Your Hands If You Believe".

According to Jensen, a montage of scenes from the cabin were cut. Shame. Seeing Dean being all bored out of his mind and cooped up would've been fun.

Did you notice the book Sam is reading is the same one Dean was reading in "Yellow Fever"? *g*

Love Dean's glee at getting the Impala back. "My baby!" :D

Uh oh...Sam's spacing out again and hearing voices. Dean doesn't like it, but Bobby seems okay with the momentary lapse. Nice to see that hand wound is healing up.

How much do we love paranoid bastard Bobby? He stashed away copies of some of his books from the house. Yay!!!!

Dean and his love of pie. Funny how people have pointed out that Sam has never once come through in delivering said pie to Dean. I hadn't even noticed, but it's true! Aw, Dean...you'll just have to get your own pie from now on.


On the Levi!dude's computer screen I saw the address of the studio. Love those little things the show puts in like that. Sort of like a scavanger hunt for folks like me. :D

Sam, you can say you're okay all you want, but Dean is never going to stop worrying about you. It's hard-wired into him.

Vanilla Dream Cake is a poor substitute for pie. Dean looks at it like it's some foreign object. LOL
Note that when Sam sneaks out of the cabin, you can see that cake and it looks like Dean only ate about 3 bites of it. :P

I love seeing Dean sleep. *g*

"Back in a few days. I'm fine." Sam! You honestly think Dean's not going to come after you with a note like that??? It's like you don't know your brother at all. Love how upset Dean is when he calls Bobby...more about Sam stealing the car than anything else. LOL

I'd like to point out I really like Sam/Jared's hair in this ep.

Dean with power saw, meet leg cast. Only Dean Winchester would do something like this.

Loved the 2 shout-outs to Jensen's movies, My Bloody Valentine 3D and Batman: Under The Red Hood. The first was audio only from the TV as Sam sneaks out and the other is with the gasmart guy wearing a Batman t-shirt.

Sam Winchester - once a research geekboy, always a research geekboy. *g*

Young Sam being all shy and awkard when approaching Amy was sweet. "Dean. How do you talk to girls." Wish we could've heard THAT conversation.

I thought that one kid harassing Amy looked familiar! It was the kid who played Lucas in DITW. Wow. Had to be really something for Jensen, working with this actor some 6 years later.

I like the flashback scenes with Sam and Amy. Sweet little kiss, too. I worry about the comment from Sam about John's drinking, however. While I'm not a big fan of the way John treated the boys during their childhood, I've never thought of him as violent towards them in any way. This implies he might have been a violent drunk and further stains John's character.

Love the return of pickpocket Sam. :D

Damn, but Jensen looked stunning in that suit during the coroner scenes. *drools*

Sam's all ready to kill Amy until he finds out she's got a kid. That, coupled with the fact that she killed her own mother when they were kids to save him made him change his mind.

Sam's taken a lot of head tauma over the past few days. Ow. :(

"New rule. You steal my baby, you get punched." LOL

I liked the subtle effects on the Kitsune with the claws and the eyes. Monsters don't always have to be over the top with the effects. I know this is due to SPN's limited budget, but sometimes the scariest monsters are the ones that look the most human and don't really look all that different from us.

We're still having some of the same issues between the boys. Dean still has his own take on what freaks are and Sam has his own, being one and all that. The thing is, Dean knows Sam's not exactly normal, but he's his brother, so that's the exception he'll make that he won't make with anyone else. However, Sam has come to grips about being different. He's done fighting it, which is good. As he tells Dean, he's managing it.

I keep wondering why Dean had Sam drive. Seems a little weird since he's up and walking around now and CAN drive. Maybe further emphasizing that he trusts Sam?

I had a strong feeling that Dean was going track Amy down and kill her. One, there was still 10 min. of the show left and two, it's the way Dean is. I know this topic has caused a lot of discussion and debate amongst the fans and I'll put my 5 cents worth at the end of this review.

Death by cheese...oh, that's an ugly way to go.

Did I love this eppy...uh, yeah. *g* My pride over Jensen's directing has grown twofold. There were some clever shots in this ep, such as the low angles on Bobby at the gas station and Dean at the coroner's office. Nice use of mirrors, too. Love it when show uses mirrors so well.

I have no real opinion on Jewel Staite since I've never even heard of her before. She did a good job though, despite me having issues with the continuity of her hair. Hey, sorry...once a Script Supervisor, always a Script Supervisor, I guess. *shrugs*

Okay, let's address the whole Dean-killed-Amy bit.

:: I don't believe it was out of character for Dean to kill her. This is Dean Wichester. He kills things. He's grown up killing things. He even admited last year that he's a killer, doesn't look at himself as a hero or as a person anyone should look up to. Actually, I thought he was going to kill the kid, too. I'm wondering if the network put the kabosh on that. A hero character killing a young kid is a big step.

:: I haven't seen anyone else bring this up, but Sam was all hellbent on killing Amy himself until he found out she had a kid. If he hadn't known and killed her would fandom be upset at him?

:: I know some people are saying Dean lied to Sam. Truth is he said he trusted SAM. Doesn't mean he has to trust Amy. Understandibly he wouldn't tell Sam about killing her. He probably figures that they wouldn't see each other again anyway, so what's the harm in him not knowing what happened to her?

:: Speaking of that...it's not like Sam REALLY knew Amy. They spent like, what..an hour together as kids, shared a kiss and talked a bit. Then he finds her again all these years later. She kept pointing out that Sam knew her, that he knew the kind of person she was, but really, how can he know her all that well? I understand they made a connection as freaks when they were kids, but a lot of time has passed since then.

:: And I can see Dean's reasoning for killing her. Just because she said she was done killing live people doesn't mean that's going to happen. What if her kid gets sick again? She can't guarantee to Sam or anyone else that she won't do what she must to save her own child. There's also the fact that most creatures Dean has known have lied to serve their own interests. Look at the demons, the vampires, the angels...all have lied to the Winchesters. Why should he believe Amy won't kill again? He simply can't take that chance. "But people... They are who they are. No matter how hard you try, you are what you are. You will kill again."

:: You can tell he did regret having to kill Amy. He said he was sorry (and it sounded truly genuine) and even gently laid her down on the bed. It's the most reverent killing I've seen from him. Still seems odd that he didn't finish the job, so to speak, and take out the kid, too. But I guess that's one line Dean won't cross. He can't harm a kid, even one that's not really human. His moral code won't stretch that far. He's made yet another enemy, but he's used to those.

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