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SPN 7x05 Promo Caps

The promo for next week just flew by, so I once again capped it. ;)

I can't wait for this episode because I was there for some of the filming for 2 days after VanCon in August! *squee* :D
I still need to type out my report about the filming, which I hope to do before the month is over. In the meantime, I've included a few tidbits in here amongst the caps of things I saw filmed.

Here's the promo thanks to thelegend123456.

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Saw this bit filmed in person August 31st.

We couldn't hear the dialog, of course, but we saw the boys leaving the building, being filmed by a steadicam.

Also saw this being filmed several times. Our group of fans were right across the street. :)

They had a bunch of these busts in a truck. They'd break one apart for the shot, bring out another.

Off with his head! Err...face! :P

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