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9 SPN FanFic Recs

Got a whole bunch of fics this time around.

Again, they're all h/c and plenty angsty (my favorite kind). Most are not too long.

:: The Last Battle by HappyChaos913
Summary: "I'd heal your brother but I can't, not in this body. But with you as my vessel…" While following a lead in Detroit, Dean is severely wounded and Sam is faced with an impossible choice where any decision he makes would be the wrong one.
Words: 8,091
One take on how Season 5 might've ended. Warning for character death...sorta.

:: Lay Your Weary Head To Rest by HappyChaos913
Summary: Set immediately after "Swan Song". Dean arrives at Lisa's an exhausted, emotional wreck.
Words: 4,754
This is what I like to think happened right after we saw Dean arrive at Lisa's doorstep. This is a sobbing, exhausted Dean which sometimes ends up turning out too much OOC, but this author does it just right. You can feel Dean's emotional struggle: falling apart, needing help, but feeling he shouldn't be there.

:: Last Rites by Bardicvoice
Summary: In this coda to episode 3.16, No Rest For The Wicked, Sam and Bobby bury Dean. This story deals realistically with mature themes.
Words: 6,654
Heartbreaking depiction of how Sam & Bobby deal with buying Dean. I liked the parallel to the boys caring for John's body as well.

:: An Attempt To Tip The Scales by NwspaprTaxis
Summary: Coda to 2x14 BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN. Sam knows he's the one who put the bullet in Dean's shoulder. He knows it's too little, too late, but it doesn't stop him from trying to seek retribution. Written for a comment meme. The prompt for this one was: Tag to BUABS - Dean's sick - and I mean SICK - sneezy, feverish, coughing, whatever you've got - etc. from falling in the cold Duluth water and recovering from Sam, you know, shooting him.
Words: 3,760
Plenty of h/c in this one with a tiny dash of humor because Dean is cute when he's all doped up on Jo's painkillers. :P

:: Dancing At Death's Door by Vanessa Sgroi
Summary: They thought it had been a successful hunt. Until Dean drops. Now Sam must do everything necessary to save his brother's life while a painful poison courses through Dean's body. Sick!Dean, Caring!Sam.
Words: 2,352
A very quick, but brutal sick!Dean fic. If you liked the puking scene in S6's "Live Free Or Twi-hard' this is probably right up your alley.

:: Detached by Madebyme
Summary: Season one. There's no such thing as a simple hunt. Unfortunately for Dean, he learns that the hard way. Plenty of hurt boys, h/c, brotherly banter and bonding!
Words: 10,226
Dean gets possessed by a spirit in this one and Sam pays the price. Ouch.

:: Dismantle (Repair) by Ericka Jane
Summary: Two-shot tag to 5.13 & 5.14 SPOILERS. Dean isn't sure what to expect when he gets back to the motel room but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't terrified to find out.
Words: 6,898
The aftermath of "The Song Remains The Same" with lots of hurt and angsty Sam as Dean takes care of him. Bonus Sammy in the panic room angst.

:: The Firestarter by jaimeykay
Summary: Set during On the Head of a Pin. While he waits for Dean, Alastair reminisces on what brought them together. Make no mistake, Alastair had a plan for Dean all along.
Words: 12,500
Lots of graphic torture in this one as we get a close look of Dean's time in hell with Alastair. Interesting little take on the end with a certain angel.

:: Behind The Wall Of Sleep by Muffy Morrigan
Summary: Sent on a hunt by an old friend, Dean is poisoned and then horribly injured after their prey attacks him. Even if Sam can figure it out can he save Dean? Or will he make a mistake that will cost his brother his life? HurtDean, protective Sam.
Words: 29,698
Lots of hurt and mentally messed up Dean with comforting Sam. You might never look at moths the same way again.

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