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Quickies 25 - Flist Edition

:: Food does weird things to me
I've been eating healthier for a while now, trying to lose weight and all that. I watch my calories and try not to eat too much. Sweets are almost non-existent in my diet outside of my nightly ice cream (which has been cut way down). Last Thursday when mom & I went grocery shopping I suddenly had no will power at all. I bought all sorts of things I usually walk right past: cookies, donuts, candy. Gah!!!!!! I saw goodies and I went for them....no resistance. What was wrong with me???

Anyway, I now have this package of donuts (6 - half old fashioned, half covered w/maple.....mmmm...maple). I had 2 yesterday and another 2 this morning for breakfast. Both times I've ended up taking a 2 hour nap afterwards. WTH are in those things??? Thankfully there's only 2 left. I'm used to food making me sleepy, but this is ridiculous. Those donuts just knock. Me. Out.

:: Speaking of health...
I haven't done any walking in a couple of weeks. *sigh* I'm still trying to get my sleep schedule under control. I had it for one week, and then I fell out of it again. My main trouble it getting to bed early enough. Tough to battle that old night-owl tendency after all these years. Getting to bed even by 2 a.m. fells....wrong. lol *facepalms*

Anyway, with the days getting shorter (bleh) and sunset happening sooner (boo!) I need to walk earlier, which brings us back to my sleep schedule and getting up earlier. Everything's connected. I'm aiming for getting up at 8 a.m. That's as early as I'll wake up without some other reason involved. Done it a few times and actually liked it, but I'm still battling that getting to bed at a decent hour to make it happen. I know what I have to do, I just can't seem to make it happen. Gah!!!!! *beats self over head*

:: Change is good
My mom may not think so, but it is. As I'm slowly getting the stacks and boxes of old magazines out of my life and out of the house I'm looking to make some changes to my room. Most of these pics and posters have been up on my walls since the late 80s - early 90s. Yeah...long time. I'm looking for a cleaner look. I'll still have stuff on my walls just....not so much.

So I've started on the ceiling....where my 15 mylar balloons are taped up. Saturday I spent the day taking a bunch of them down. Not an easy process, I'll tell ya. Sunday my arms/shoulders were killing me. There was a lot of dust up there under some of them. ICK! Very messy job. I'm still keeping the balloons, just folding them up and I'll stick'em in a shoe box. Of the 15 that were up there, currently 6 are left. I might tackle them today or wait a few more days, but they're coming down, too. I'll take a picture when I'm done, since I've already posted a pic here of the ceiling w/the balloons. Oh...when mom saw what I was doing and wanted to know why, I told her because it was time for a change. Again she asked why. WTH???? Because I want to! Sheesh. I know this stuff's been up for a long time, but it wasn't going to be permanent. *sigh*

:: LJ Scrapbook is frustrating
I've been uploading more BTS SPN pics to Scrapbook for my LJ comm. Put up a whole bunch of S1 pics yesterday. Was working on S2 when LJ stopped the uploads. WTH??? After many failed attempts I gave up. Tried again today....same thing. Tried my other browser....no upload would go through. Gave up and read the FAQ for Scrapbook. Note, I've still got plenty of room in my storage. FAQ mentions something about only allowing 30mb of uploaded pics in one session. Ok...what's a session? 'Cause they don't tell you that. It's been over 24 hours. How long do I have to wait?
Why can't I upload more pics???? Can anyone help?

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