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Random Friendings

Took some time to add a few people back who friended me over the past few months.

strgazr04, cha, winsangel, & monkeyfun1....Welcome! :D

Hope we can get to know each other and you don't mind my boring self. lol Yep, to paraphrase Dean in S4 I'm "so vanilla I make vanilla seem spicy". I'm lucky enough to have found some friends here on LJ who put up with me and don't mind a dull friend amongst their more exciting/fun ones. I feel quite fortunate to have them. *hugs* :)

Just 2 warnings:
I get behind on replying to comments easily, but I assure you I read and appreciate every single one.
I get emo sometimes and I need my flist to lift me up from time to time.

Now aren't you glad you friended me? *snorts*

Outside of that I'm pretty happy-go-lucky, love SPN now & forever (along with a certain Mr. Jensen Ackles...*swoons*), and basically live at my computer. :P

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