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SPN The Coming Preview Caps

As promised here be the caps from the very short preview released today by the CW. Not sure if this is just for the next episode or any others. We'll have to wait and see.

The quality here isn't very good, but you do what you can from low quality youtube video.

Salt & Burn time!

Based on the later cap, this is Bobby's arms.

Looks like maybe the Levi!dude the boys captured in the last episode is going to be interrogated?

Dean there's somebody behind you!

Likewise there's someone coming up behind Sam with a gun! Eeep.

Dean behind bars again.

Bobby opening fire with a shotgun. I keep wondering where Bobby's been holed up at? Sometimes it looks like the basement of where his house was and other times it looks like the Campbell compound basement we saw in Frontierland.

Crowley returns!

I can tell you that's not Sam & Dean.

They just look like the boys.

"Nobody puts baby in a corner." Awwww....Dean's gonna miss his baby....and we are too from what I've seen of on-location pics.

That's def not the Impala's interior behind Sam.

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