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SPN Episode Title Caps: 1x04 Phantom Traveler

I may or may not be staring at Jensen's bicep in this cap. Stop looking at me like that. :P

My goal is to post a title cap each day until I catch up to Season 7 and then it'll be weekly. For the first 10 episodes, instead of the missing title, I've capped the Director's credit. Each cap has been given the same effect in Picnik, which I think provides a nice gritty, cinematic feel.

Click to see the full-sized cap.

Jerry: "Dean, it's, uh, it's Jerry Panowski. You and your dad helped me out a couple years back."
Dean: "Oh, right, yeah. Up in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, the poltergeist thing. It's not back, is it?"
Jerry: "No. No. Thank god, no. But it's something else, and...uh, I think it could be a lot worse."

Tags: quotes, spn episode title caps, supernatural
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