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SPN Episode Title Caps: 1x12 Faith

Aw, Sammy. *wants to hug him* Although in this cap he looks kinda pissed off at the lady. Like, how dare she ask for his insurance card when his brother's close to death. :P

My goal is to post a title cap each day until I catch up to Season 7 and then it'll be weekly. Each cap has been given the same effect in Picnik, which I think provides a nice gritty, cinematic feel.

Click to see the full-sized cap.

Receptionist: "Sir, I'm so sorry to ask. There doesn't seem to be any insurance on file."
Sam: "Right. Uh, ok." (He takes a card out of his wallet.)
Receptionist: "Okay, Mr. Burkovitz."

Tags: quotes, spn episode title caps, supernatural
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