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SPN Episode Title Caps: 1x21 Salvation

Tough cap to get this time because JDM was so out of focus until after the title disappeared. Ah, well. And I know the quote bit is long, but I felt that whole exchange between the 3 of them was important.

My goal is to post a title cap each day until I catch up to Season 7 and then it'll be weekly. Each cap has been given the same effect in Picnik, which I think provides a nice gritty, cinematic feel.

Click to see the full-sized cap.

JOHN: "So, this is it. This is everything I know. Look, our whole lives we've been searching for this demon, right? And not a trace, just nothing... until about a year ago. For the first time, I picked up a trail."
DEAN: "That's when you took off."
JOHN: "Yeah, that's right. The demon must have come out of hiding or hibernation."
DEAN: "All right, so, what's this trail you found?"
JOHN: "It starts in Arizona, then New Jersey, California- houses are burning down to the ground. It's going after families... just like it went after us."
SAM: "Families with infants?"
JOHN: "Yeah- the night of the kid's six-month birthday."
SAM: "I was six months old that night?"
JOHN: "Exactly six months."
SAM: "So, basically, this demon is goin' after these kids for some reason- the same way it came for me? So, Mom's death, Jessica- it's all 'cause of me?"
DEAN: "We don't know that, Sam."
SAM: "Oh, really, 'cause I'd say we're pretty damn sure, Dean."
DEAN: "For the last time, what happened to them is not your fault."
SAM: "Yeah, you're right, it's not my fault, but it's my problem!"
DEAN: "No, it's not your problem, it's our problem!"
JOHN: "Okay. That's enough."

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