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First Impressions: 7x07 The Mentalists

My brief thoughts about last week's ep, since I'm still playing catch up. Wanted to get this done before tonight's program.

Totally recognized that stadium that Dean's at from S6's "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" and the Mack's Bar-B-Q Rib Shack bag he's holding from the scene w/Crowley in "All Dogs Go To Heaven". *g* Love how easily Dean breaks into the car, just leaning against it and Pop! she's open. At first it struck me as odd that he didn't have a dufflebag or anything else with him, but then I thought he could have walked to the Rib Shack from whatever motel he's staying at. Maybe he was just looking for a better car to use (knowing him, he would be).

Poor Dean, cracking a joke at the crime scene like Sam's there with him, only he isn't. :( However, Sam IS as the Good Graces Cafe, which Dean goes to next. Dean's all talk and Sam's...not. Notice how he even holds the case file in his lap when Dean sits down, clearly wanting nothing to do with his brother. A little surprising that they've been apart for a week and a half. Wonder what Sam's been up to all that time? Dean does convince his brother that they might as well work together on this job, but Sam's still pissed at him. Oh, and the waiter's too funny. He's kinda like the one in "Wishful Thinking".

Waiter: (to Dean) You're a virile manifestation of the divine.

I wonder why there was such a delay with Sam's spoon bending?

Note also that Melanie Golden's house is the same one used in S3's "A Very Supernatural Christmas" as the first victim's house.

The spoon bender's death was pretty impressive and bloody. :)

Cute little thing at the museum and the Campbell brothers...who really weren't. :P Show had us going there for a little bit.

Museum Curator: (to Dean) I'm sorry I don't normally do this during business hours, but do you know an Eleanor or an Ellen? She seems quite concerned about you. She wants to tell you, pardon me, if you don't tell someone how bad it really is? She'll kick your ass from beyond. You have to trust someone again, eventually.

I love the idea that Ellen is keeping an eye on the boys from the great beyond. It's sweet. :D Glad that Dean took the warning to heart and finally told Sam how he felt about him being so bitchy (he really was, too) and that he killed Amy for the right reasons and because Sam couldn't. If you've read my past reviews, you know my thoughts on this whole matter. Anyway, score one for Dean!

I just had a feeling they were salting and burning the bones of the wrong sister. Instead of attacking them, Kate was trying to warn them. Why didn't they just take care of them both?

So poor Camille gets killed by the ghost of Kate's sister, Margaret and when the boys go to open her grave they find it empty. Cute. They figure out someone stole the bones to manipulate the ghost and that the headliners of the town's festival have been killed off one by one. Turns out Melanie is next on the hit list because she'll be asked to take her grandma's place. Kinda funny how Jimmy the Emporium owner sends Sam on a wild goose chase to a lamaze class. :P

Meanwhile, Dean is protecting Melanie from the ghost. He does a pretty good job, too, but Margaret is strong. Love it when she calls him "handsome". Even ghosts know Dean Winchester is hot. *g* Anyway, Sam finds Jimmy's apartment beside the Emporium shop and Jimmy finds him. There's a standoff with Jimmy holding a gun on Sam and claiming most people in the town were fakes, but he's the real deal but because he's not entertaining enough he has to live in squalor. He says that Margaret understands him and actually likes killing for him. Luckily, Sam gets the drop on Jimmy (after trying to talk reason with the guy) and ends up killing him. IMO this is the turning point for Sam. He didn't want to kill this guy, he had to. Just like Dean had to kill Amy.

Sam finds the bones in Jimmy's bed. Ewwwww. He burns them and Melanie is saved just in time.

The next day at the cafe and the boys are already on better terms. Love how Sam tries to hide his smile when Dean threatens to punch the waiter in the face if he affirmates him again. Even Melanie notices the difference and already knows she'll probably never see Dean again. She checks out his palm and says, "Answer's hazy. Try again later." Isn't that the saying from a Magic 8 Ball?

Dean goes outside to find Sam putting his bag in the trunk of the car. Looks like he's ready to forgive and team up again. He understands now why Dean killed Amy, but he also knows things aren't right with him either.

DEAN: I went with my gut. And that felt right. I didn't trust her, Sam. Of course, ever since Cas, I'm having a hard time trusting anybody. And as far as how I been acting... I don't know. Maybe it's 'cause I don't like lying to you. You know, it doesn't feel right. So, yeah, you got me there. I been climbing the walls.

At least this is a step in the right direction. Sam's forgiven Dean and Dean's finally opened up about what's been bothering him. Maybe they can finally move on and patch things up once again. They basically had the whole town realizing something was up with the two of them. Jimmy spotted Sam's anger and Melanie knew there was tension between the two of them by just looking at their body language. Kinda hard to hide from the elephant in the room when everyone's pulled the sheet off of it. Rightfully, Dean should've opened up to Sam sooner, but then he's still leery of his hallucinations and I guess that's a valid reason because I don't think we, as an audience, really are being shown what's going on with him. The last time we caught a glimpse was in 7x04 "Defending Your Life". I'm hoping they'll show more of Sam's wall breaking because surely Lucy isn't done with him yet.

So all and all another solid episode. I know some folks thought this one was kinda light, but it's nice to have those once in a while. No Leviathans, no big picture, just the guys working a case and healing their relationship. :)

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