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First Impressions: 7x08 Season 7, Time For A Wedding!

Let's lay it out on the line right now. Every season of SPN has it's lighter episodes, the fluff pieces. Tonight's episode definitely falls into that category. Some fans love'em, others hate'em. For the most part I love them. This one...eh, it's certainly no "Changing Channels", but it's okay.

Going in I had already read a spoiler saying who the bride was and even which Winchester brother she was marrying and how, so that part all turned out to be true. Gotta admit, once Chuck was gone I didn't expect to see Becky again since they were sort of tied together (No, not like that! Get your minds out of the gutter!...Although based on tonight's eppy that may not be far off...hmmm.). Anyway, Becky's okay...a little wild and off the chart fannish-wise, but I get her purpose.

So the boys are on their "sacred annual pilgrimage to Vegas" (when did this start?) and Dean's hanging out at a strip club while Sam's gone off for a few days on a camping trip. *sigh* Just when we thought the boys were going to stick together. I guess this is still "new Sam" stretching his wings and finding his way. Dean definitely doesn't like it though 'cause he's pouring his heart out about it to some chick. He then gets a text from Sam who's suddenly only 4 blocks away and tells him to wear his suit.

Dean shows up, suitable attired and bearing a gun (guh) and is as surprised as we are that Sam's getting married to...Becky Rosen of all people.

Dean: "Shouldn't she ask for my permission or something?"
LOL! Dean's so old fashioned. It's cute. :D

Love the fact that Dean brings up Sam's track record with women and how most of them wind up dead. Becky already knows all about that and doesn't seem to care. This is true love (in only 4 days)...yadda, yadda, yadda. Jensen's comic timing was spot on. Loved all his expressions and exasperation "Really??? Super fan 99?" LOL. I was feeling the same way...while giggling on the outside. :P

Dean naturally senses that something's up, but he can't convince Sam of this. First thing Dean does is call Bobby and follow the 2 lovebirds to Delaware where Becky's high school reunion is about to take place. Turns out she wants to show her new hubby off to the gal who gave her a rough time at school. Btw, that high school gal looks really familiar. What other eppy was she in? Anyone?

Edit: I think I figured it out! The gal at the jewelry store that Dean interviews in "Nightshifter"!

She also meets up with her Wiccan friend in the parking lot for a little vial of something to keep Sam under her control. Sure enough, that night (complete with cheesy music) Sam starts to come out of his haze and Becky has to give him another dose. And I must admit during the whole dining room scene I was distracted by Jared's hair...and not in a good way. Yeah, the sideburns are getting alarmingly big, but the hair is way too long! Dude! Get a haircut already before you have to start wearing a ponytail. *sigh* Seriously, show. What is up with the hair?

Anyway, back to Dean. He sees a freaky death in a newspaper and decides there's a job in town besides keeping an eye on Sam. Nice to see the journal btw, if even briefly. :) Meanwhile we have a death by baseball. Yowch. Nice blood splatter though.

So cute Dean showing up with a waffle iron for Sam and Becky. Awkward. LOL :P
He also finds out the honeymooners are already working the case and Dean's not thrilled "You're not even acting like yourself, Sam!". He's thinking Becky might be behind it all.

Sam: "You know I went after her, Dean. Maybe that's what's bugging you. But I'm moving on with my life. I mean you took care of me and that's great, but I don't need you anymore."

Ouch! Sam. Twist that knife in a little deeper, why don't you. :(

Bobby's paired Dean up with another hunter. Can you tell Dean's having a crappy day? *hugs him*

I totally LOL'd at Becky writing in her diary and kissing it, getting red ink on her nose. My mom even laughed at that. :P So adorable when Sam wiped it off. Hee! He's also found another lead, but first he spots her diary...and gets all dewy, lovey over it. LOL! Jared, you're priceless!

Dean's meeting up with his new partner. Bobby filled him in about Dean it seems...
Garth: He said you’d be all surly and premenstrual working with me.
Brilliant description of Dean, I must say. :P

More awkwardness as Dean & Garth run into Sam & Becky following up the new lead. What's with Dean wearing a sweater vest??? It's like when he's without Sam he forgot how to dress. lol Just kidding. Jensen makes everything look sexy. *g*
Sam: What's with scrawny guy?
Dean: Temp.


How long has Garth been a hunter? He's worse at being subtle while fishing for info. than Dean usually is. Anyway, dude didn't want the promotion, he was happy where he was. His wife's sure power-hungry though. They try to warn her, but Dean comes off more threatening than helpful. Love hero Dean! Woot! That was awesome! Turns out wifey did make a deal, husband's career for her soul. Dean's now worried about Sam even more. Meanwhile, Becky's run out of love potion and whacks Sam over the head (with the waffle iron no less!) before he can call Dean. When he wakes up she's got him tied to the bed with his pants off! WTH??? Becky's contacted Guy and Sam hears the whole thing. He tries to convince her that this is all wrong, rightfully calling Guy her dealer, but she believes he's her friend just like she thinks Sam really loves her "deep, deep down".

She goes to meet Guy and surprise! he's a crossroads demon. He'll make a deal with her, but no more freebies. This one will cost her, but he'll give her 25 years for Sam to love her.

Seriously, Garth? Just running into the room like that? Why isn't this guy dead yet? He does find that Becky & Sam have gone off to her parent's cabin. Becky returns and this is a very funny scene with Sam trying to talk around the rag he's got stuffed in his mouth. Hee! You gotta sorta feel for Becky here, seeing herself as a loser. "The only place people understood me was on the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal but at least we shared a common passion." Sam tries one more time to get her to stop.

Good girl, Becky! Trapping Guy like that!
Guy: Dean Winchester. This is really thrilling. Hey, can I have your autograph?
Dean: Sure. Yeah I'll carve it into your spleen.

Guy found a loophole in the deals, which means he can arrange accidents and collect his souls early. And the gang goes flying! Guy's partner has shown up. Dude's got skills, such as choking Sam without even touching him. Becky saves him though. Didn't know you had it in you, girl. Love the double "Oh, crap" over Crowley showing up (complete with new beard). The boss is none too happy over Guy's bad deals. "This isn’t Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity." Crowley wants Guy and he'll just let the boys go. Turns out he's given all demons orders to stay away from them. The boys are hunting the Leviathans and it's just what Crowley wants. "You met that Dick yet? Smuggest tub of goo since Mussolini. I hate the bastards. Squash ‘em all, please. I'll stay clear." He rips up the remaining contracts and Dean hands over Guy. Done deal.

Sam & Becky signing an annulment. Poor Becky. Of course Sam feels a little bad. He does his pep talk, which Dean rolls his eyes at, and Garth is thinking maybe he should hook up with her. Dean squashes that. LOL Garth gives Dean a hug before departing. More awkwardness! Sam admits he said some crap when he was dosed up and that he does need Dean around. Awww. Dean's just happy that Sam seems to be dealing with things better now.

Sam: Don't be too impressed man, it's still a Denver scramble up here, I just know my way around the plate now.
Dean: I'm just sayin'. It's stupid to think you need me around all the time. You're a grown up.
Sam: Right.
Dean: You're a hike in the desert hippie douche grown up.
Sam: Dude, I was camping! You camp.
Dean: Yeah, whatever. Hippie.
Sam: You know what though, seriously? It might be nice.
Dean: What?
Sam: I mean you basically have been looking out for me your whole life. Now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time, huh?
Dean: Yeah, right.

Oh, Sam. You don't get it, do you? Looking after people is all Dean knows. He's done it his whole life. You take that away from him, who is he? Dean's face when he said that last line. :( *hugs Dean*

Added notes:
:: The exploding cake/title card...awesomeness! Wasn't expecting that at all. :D
:: Some questions (plot holes?): How did Becky get Sam up into that bed? And how did Sam get married using his real name when he's supposed to be dead?
Btw, I didn't come up with these. I read them from others on Twitter. Good questions though.
:: I get why Becky's around. She's an amalgamation of fandom, the good and the bad. Naturally not everyone's gonna like her, but she IS us. Thing is she's the whole picture not just the good, rational parts. We might not like everything she does but in the end you kind of understand her, or at least parts of her.
:: For all the build up about DJ Qualls guest starring, I was kinda underwhelmed. Maybe it's just because there wasn't much for him to do (much like Michael Shanks in "99 Problems") or maybe it was because I didn't think Garth was much of a hunter. Meh. Moving on.
:: Nice to see Jensen & Jared showing off their comedic skills. Excellent job from both of them. :D

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