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SPN 7x09 Promo Collages

Haven't done this since 7x03, but I made collages out of the caps this time around.

Occasionally a promo lends itself to this treatment. Plus it takes up less room and sometimes I just like to be lazy. :P

Ooopsie! Sorry about getting the episode number wrong. D'oh! *facepalms* Fixing it all now.

I actually had to extend the width of my journal to get all of these collages to show because of the Flexible Squares layout being all messed up lately. LJ...FIX THIS!!!!

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The main gist of the promo is that they're after a Jersey Devil (remember that from the X-Files? *g*). Oh, and in the 3rd collage? I'm pretty sure that's the dude's ear that fell to the ground. Ewwww. :P

Tags: episodes, fanart, picspam, spoilers, supernatural
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