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Holiday Cards 2011 Edition

It's that time of year again to get started on mailing out cards to my beloved flist. :D

I'm trying to get the word out a little sooner this year because I know it takes some time for the international cards to reach their destinations.

I can send E-cards or regular mail cards (goodness knows I've inherited plenty from my grandma).

Comments to this post are screened, but you can also PM or email me the info. (at raloria613 at gmail.com).
Here's my address if you want to mail me a card. I feel I can trust you folks not to stalk me. :P

Valerie Schupan
3403 South 252nd Place
Kent, WA 98032

Please don't assume that you're on my mailing list from years past. I've done some defriending and need to start fresh. Thanks!

Handy-dandy form for filing out in comments:

Thank you my friends! Looking forward to sending lots of great cards out across the miles. :D

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