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First Impressions: 7x09 How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Note: I got a download of the eppy to rewatch, but I had to view it to make my notes here with the audio off. So there's very few quotes and I'm going on a lot of things by sight alone or memory. It also means this review is a little shorter than most.

Glamping. This stuff is nuts. If you're gonna camp, camp (even if it's in an RV). If you wanna be cozy, comfy like you're in a hotel, stay in a hotel!!! I knew that was Robert Singer's voice on the "soothing sounds of nature" recording. :P How did the dude sleep through getting strung up in a friggin' tree???

Poor Dean complaining about how their living situation has changed to it's lowest level. Bobby's right though. Not like they've got a choice with the Levis on their trail. Sam's got the research on the latest monster....the Jersey Devil. "Human Burrito" LOL

Biggerson's! With their new Pepperjack Turducken Slammer! LOL Only from the mind of Ben Edlund. "Ranger Rick" *giggles* Gee, he's really concerned about his fellow ranger, Phil. Sounds like he'll call in Phil's disappearance...eventually. Oh, and he's really into that burger. :P

Man! Talk about an attitude! Yikes! Hee! Dean loving his burger. Love it when Dean eats. Pure love affair that man has with food. And meanwhile Sam and Bobby with their salads. :P

Who was thinking of an Elmber Fudd joke here? Jared looks kinda hot holding the rifle over his shoulder like that. Heh. Bobby's guidelines for hunting: "You don't shoot Bambi, jackass...you shoot Bambi's mother."

They find Phil....dead and up in a tree. Ranger Rick comes out, shows his typical lack of interest and is swiftly grabbed and taken up into the tree himself. Way to go Bobby! Even the boys are impressed with his marksmanship. Looks like a friggin' zombie.

They bring the body back to the abandoned house and have to pump it full of more lead. Eeep! And Dean's acting a little weird. And there's some icky grey goo inside the corpse. So Sam and Bobby dig inside to see why the guy lost so much weight and Dean's hungry??? I'm so glad I ate before this scene. :P All sorts of bizarro things inside the stomach. Dean's still hungry. WTH?

So they're back at Biggerson's and Dean's chowing down on another burger while Sam & Bobby go over the evidence. Dean's feeling a little too good...something's up. Everyone in the joint is enjoying the new burger. Uh oh...

Hee! Seriously? In the foil swan? *giggles* Yeah, Dean...you're not right. Ewww!!!! Oh, that's not right at all!!!! "I think you pissed off my sandwich." LOL Grey gooh coming out of the half eaten burger! That's disgusting.

Sleeping Dean! *loves* Bobby touches base with how Sam's doing and points out the obvious - Sam worries about Dean and Dean worries about Sam all the time. Sam says he's coping. Nice reinforcement of his hand again. Something shifty is definitely going on at the Biggerson's warehouse. I'm actually a little fuzzy on what exactly, but we do see the Levis are involved. Edgar is back! LeviDoctor & Edgar chat and Edgar doesn't seem to like the Doc's failed experiments. He orders them all burned...the big boss is coming for a visit - Dick.

It's morning and Dean's filling up on coffee and they're still staking out the warehouse. Bobby now asks how Dean's doing. Dean is decisively kinda done with life right now. Bobby reminds him he's not a person, he's a hunter. He can't just give up. I love you, Bobby. Sam returns and Dick has arrived. "The Rise Of Dick" OMG LMAO Holy cow, that's some awful photoshopping. Oh... Bobby's got some cool listening equipment courtesy of Frank. *g*

DocLevi shows off his work to Dick. People eat the burgers, get fat, and are totally oblivious to their surroundings. But Dick isn't happy. He knows of Doc's failings and they made the headlines. That's a big no-no.

Bobby's on the roof, watching & listening to Dick's plans for the Doc. Things then get ugly, in a big way. He makes the Doc eat himself. Yikes. Heh. The bib is a nice touch. Oh, no! Bobby!!!

Heh. Acme Industrial Cleaning. :P Bobby's in Dick's office and he just got some fancy new guns. Yay! Boys to the rescue with the cleaning agent! Dick goes to check out the disturbance and Bobby takes the gun and some important papers. Looks like the Levi's plan and it can't be good based on Bobby's breathlessness. Nice headshot to the assistant! Dick is not happy. Run boys, run! Why did the boys run so far ahead of Bobby? He gets in the van, but Dick starts firing. And now Bobby's all quiet...not good. Oh, no!!!!! Bobby!!!!!!!! :(

Evil, Evil show! Leaving us with a cliffhanger like that for the next 2 weeks. Bobby can't die! He can't!!!! The boys need him! We need him!!! Doesn't help that he had somewhat heart-to-heart talks with each of the boys. *wibbles* And who knew Dean's love of burgers would turn into something so bad? It was fun to see Jensen act so weirdo though. Hee! I bet that was fun. And finally, finally! The boys are seemingly doing okay and working together like it's old times. The worse we saw Dean drink was a beer and Sam does seem to be handling Lucy okay (that we can tell). But Bobby's right to still be worried about both of them. Ah, Bobby...I hope you'll be okay!

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