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TV: What I'm Watching - Part II

A little update from my last post back in October.


Dancing With The Stars
-- It had a rocky start, but I'm pulling for either JR & Karina or Ricki & Derek to win.
-- Still lovin' the show. Sometimes I get irritated that they're not moving the Beckett/Castle romance along, but I'm trying to be patient.
Hawaii Five-O
-- Fun seeing Terry O'Quinn added to the cast as an occasional guest star. Meanwhile the bromance of Steve & Danno is turning epic! lol Their banter is perfection!
Terra Nova
-- It's still managing to hold my attention. I must admit, Terrance O'Mara is a big reason I keep watching.


New Girl
-- I'm still watching this, but half the time I'm wondering why. LOL I guess there's something about the quirky, crazy comedy that keeps bringing me back. Oh, and I do love how the guys are so protective of Jess even though they think she's kinda weird. :P
-- One of my favorite shows every single week. I go through so many emotions is just one hour of this show, usually ending with me in tears. The Bravermans own me heart and soul.


-- I hope Ozzy doesn't screw things up. I'd like to see him win this one. Pulling for Dawn, too. She's a good gal.


The Vampire Diaries
-- All the twists & turns this show takes keeps me coming back week after week and I love the characters!
The Secret Circle
-- I tried. I really did, but I've dropped this show. I got sick of the girls screaming over every little big bad they ran into and the dialog just left me feeling flat. It got so bad that I started to fall asleep. Always a bad sign.
Person Of Interest
-- So I'm trying to get into this show to fill the hole left by TSC. So far...meh. The first episode I watched wasn't too bad, but the last one? Ugh. It's like watching two robots run around. There's no moments of lightness or even a cracked smile. Not sure I'll be able to keep with this show.
Prime Suspect
-- Has been canceled by NBC. Boo! I've really been enjoying this gritty cop drama. I like Jane. She's one tough cookie, trying to prove herself amongst a squad full of males. I will miss this show. *sigh*


-- Do I even have to say I'm loving this season? I love them all. *g*
-- Haven't even watched any of this season yet. *hides in shame*


The Amazing Race
-- Of the teams that are left I'm really pulling for Andy & Tommy (these dude always have fun) and Bill & Cathi (yay for the older married couple!).

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