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SPN Episode Title Caps: 2x13 Houses Of The Holy

One of two times Sam has been in orderly garb.

My goal is to post a title cap each day until I catch up to Season 7 and then it'll be weekly. Each cap has been given the same effect in Picnik, which I think provides a nice gritty, cinematic feel.

Click to see the full-sized cap.

GLORIA: "Good morning. You're not the usual guy."
SAM: "No, uh, just filling in. So how you feeling today, Gloria?"
GLORIA: "I've never felt better."
SAM: "So, no disturbances lately?"
GLORIA: "You mean am I stark raving cuckoo for coco puffs?"
SAM: "I didn't' say that."
GLORIA: "It's all right. I know what people must think."
SAM: "What do you think?"
GLORIA: "I think what I saw was real."
SAM: "I'd like to know what you saw."
GLORIA: "It was all over the news. I stabbed a man in the heart."
SAM: "Why would you do that?"
GLORIA: "Because it was God's will."

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