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Thanksgiving 2011

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday despite my fears for the worst just hours before.

My aunt has not been feeling well the past several weeks and I've been spending a lot of time picking up a few groceries for her and checking in on her almost every day. One night I even spent over at her house...after I'd already stayed up without going to bed the night before. Needless to say I was very sore (my knees were simply aching) and sleep-deprived after that and was desperate to sleep in my own bed at long last!

Anyway, her back was hurting and she had lost her appetite. Eating less and less, mom and I were trying to either get her to a doctor or figure out what the problem was. She was stubbornly forgoing a doctor's visit. She either felt too bad to go or was improving (only to fall back again the next day). We eventually put two and two together based on her symptoms (that we could pry out of her) and it sounded like her blood sugar might be high. Seemed like she was going through the same things my mom did just months ago when her blood sugar got out of control. So I got my aunt to check it and sure enough, it was quite high. Here she's been diagnosed with the disease, but her readings were always low that she thought she was "cured". Yeah, that don't happen. I convinced her to get back into the practice of checking her blood sugar regularly and start taking the pills she'd been prescribed for it when her readings got high. Sure enough, she started to feel a little better & her appetite returned.

By last Wednesday, we had hoped she was doing well enough to go to Thanksgiving at my cousin, K's house. But we called her and she still wasn't feeling good. By Thursday morning, I'd pretty much given up any hope of having a nice Thanksgiving. However, we called my aunt again and she was doing well enough to go. Yay!

So we three headed off in our car for the north end of Seattle where my cousin and her husband live. I always love going to their house! It's this picture perfect, cozy home and so pretty! They have beautiful gardens (food & flowers) and the inside of the house is something you only see in magazines. Am I envious? Yeah, just a bit. :P It was rainy & blustery, but we made good time with the traffic. Got to their place and found out K's best friend, Deb was there...with her dog, Filbert. Now, I'm not a fan of dogs, but I'll tell you this was the sweetest dog! He and I took to each other quickly. Helped that Deb had him trained so well. K & hubby's cats even got along with the dog...there was only one minor altercation. Heh.

Cousin, K was showing only a little of a baby bump and doing very well. She cooked an amazing meal! Check out this spread:

* Ham
* Stuffing with currants, onions, celery, and chicken sausage
* A medley of sweet potatoes, onions, and some other things I can't remember.
* Green beans (from their garden, as was most of the food)
* Mashed potatoes (again from their garden ^^)
* Rolls
* Cranberry sauce (from the can...the best kind!)
* Handmade pumpkin & apple pies for dessert (OMG so yummy!)

^^ After a while the running joke during the meal was that everything came "from the garden"....right down to the ham. LOL No, they don't have pigs or any other animals outside of the 2 cats. :P

We ate with candles lit all around the living room, a roaring fire in the fireplace (first time I've seen them use it, btw), and music playing on K's laptop. It. Was. Perfect. :D

After supper the fun continued. We got to talking to K about her pregnancy so far. Seems like she hasn't had too much trouble at all. She said the worse thing was being so tired in the first couple of months. She's 5 months along, which by my calculations means she should be having the baby sometime in March. Isn't that when Gen & Jared are going to have their baby? This could get really interesting. *g* We found out last week that K is having a girl. :D Pretty soon the baby name book was out and we were all having a a lot of fun going through names to see what K & J (her hubby) liked. Some of the names brought on fits of giggles from all of us as we tried to put it with their last name. Oh, we had a grand time! I must admit Deb was the life of the party. She's always a kick and I haven't seen her in years so it was great fun to be around her lively self again. And dear, sweet Filbert. I was petting him so much K said he wanted to go home with me.

So we ended up having a wonderful Thanksgiving after all and I'm so happy. My aunt had a bit of a setback the other day, but mom & I are pushing for her to make a doctor appointment for this week and find out why her back is hurting so much. I've promised to keep checking up on her and make sure she's doing what she's supposed to. At least her eating is more back to normal now. Still gotta get her back to taking her regular medications. Turns out she's been off them for nearly a month now. :( Not good with her various health problems. In the meantime, mom and I are doing just fine...except for worrying and being frustrated over my aunt. *sigh*

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