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Time for a new phone

In my household there's always been a general rule: you use something until it's totally used up. None of this replacing something when there's still lots of use in it yet, no matter how old it is. This comes from having parents who grew up during The Great Depression. Old habits die hard.

Now I'm all for this line of thinking, after all, I've grown up with it. However, there comes a time when everything reaches it's limit.

I dropped it last week one night while I was sitting on my bed and going to set the alarm on it. It tumbled through the wooden frame of my bed and landed on the carpeted floor. It was still working when I picked it up, so I thought nothing more of it. The back cover jiggled a little, but otherwise it was okay. After all, I've dropped a couple other times over the years.

Then tonight I got a call and noticed it was only vibrating and not ringing as well. Hmmm. Something's up. I took the back cover off and put it back on. Still a little jiggly. Not much though. I set the alarm a couple of minutes in advance. Sure enough, when it went off it only vibrated...until I picked it up and pressed the back cover up a bit. So it's busted. I can't have a phone that only vibrates for the alarm and calls.

Honestly, I've been dying to get a new phone, but I knew while this one was still working mom wouldn't go for it. She's a little miffed that technically it still works, but really? without the ringer working it's not much of a phone anymore.

The thing's older than dirt, as I like to say. I mean, it still has the word Cingular on it! It's so old I can't even remember when I got it and nothing online says how old it is. It's gotta be nearly 10 years old. Well beyond it's prime. Sending texts with it is a pain and takes too long and sometimes when I'm checking my voice mail and want to delete a message I'm pressing the button for that and nothing happens. I have to keep pressing the button over and over again. Most annoying.

Here it is (though these pics are from one being sold on Ebay):

It's a pretty basic phone. I'm looking for so much more now. I'd like to have internet access to be able to check my email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I want a better keyboard so I can text quicker and I've always wanted a speaker phone.

What I don't want is a contract. I've been using AT&T's Pay As You Go for years now and it's plenty for me.

I've been looking at the new phones (a little overwhelming, since I'm so far behind phone-technology-wise) and so far I've got my eye on this one. It got good reviews, unlike the other models for their Prepaid plans.

So there's some phone shopping in my near future. Good news...this is probably a good time to buy since so many things are on sale for the Christmas holiday. I just hope I can convince mom that I'd like a few extra features on my new phone. It's not like you can really get away from that now anyways. And she won't like the expense, but I'd like a phone that's easy to use for once and that's useful to me.

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