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Family Update

Timing, I tell ya. LJ went down just when I had some spare time to finally do my posts on Friday, so I didn't get to do any of them.

A little catch up on my aunt's condition. If you read my Thanksgiving Day post, you know the gist of her situation.

Thursday when I went over to check on her she was much worse. As I described to my mom she was just sitting there like she'd given up. Mom & I had to run errands & do some shopping so we didn't get back over to her place until the evening. We washed her dishes, which were strewn all over the kitchen counters. Then we gave her a good talking to - trying to convince her that she needed to go to the hospital. All she'd eaten all day was a glass of Ovaltine and 3 bites of a banana. Things were desperate and the time for simply going to the doctor was over. We left her place late and we went straight to bed, intending on taking her to the ER as soon as possible on Friday.

We got up early on Friday and called my cousin to let her know what was up. She agreed her mom had to go to the ER and drove down herself from Seattle and drove her there with mom & I following behind. They settled her into the ER and the waiting began, mixed with getting an IV put in and morphine administered for her aching back. Her stomach, naturally, was also very sore and when the doctor pressed on it in various places my aunt yelped out in pain. They took a chest x-ray and then took a CT scan of her stomach. Thankfully, once she got the morphine she was feeling much better and by the time she was brought back from the CT scan she was much more lucid than she'd been in days.

The diagnosis...so far is that my aunt has Pancreatitis (which explains all her stomach troubles) and there's also a mass in/on(?) her stomach. It's the weekend now, so they're keeping her at the hospital for several days and they'll do more tests starting Monday. She can't have any food or drink (and of course, now she's hungry where she wasn't before!) and her mouth is very dry, but they've got her hooked up to fluids because she is so dehydrated.

We spent around 7 hours in the ER with her before they finally moved her upstairs into a room. We stayed a little bit after she was settled in and then we came home. We'll be there again today (Saturday). It was a lot of sitting around and waiting, but it's oh, so very tiring. Mom and I both needed naps tonight once we finally got home.

It's good to see my aunt already showing improvement and feeling better and I hope she continues in that direction. Most of all I'm happy she's finally where she can get the proper care and I don't have to worry about her so much because I know she's no longer sitting in her house wasting away. We made the right decision. We should've made it sooner, but she didn't help with her stubbornness and her constant lack of informing us of what was going on. As my cousin told her, she wouldn't allow any of us to get away with that. She would've made us go to a doctor. She doesn't feel that way about herself though. *sigh* She lets things go, thinking they're either not that bad or that she'll get better. More than one week of this should've told her she needed to be checked out. Anyway, what's done is done. She's where she needs to be and getting looked after.

Oh...found out my cousin is going to have her baby on around April 10th. Cool! She's definitely got a tummy now, but she's still not very big. She did say she felt the baby moving around a bit while we were sitting in the ER. Hee! I must admit, I'm getting rather excited. :)

Btw, my mom is doing fine. Her blood sugar levels are back under control and she's actually losing more weight, which is good because she's been too heavy for years. All she's done is eat less. Wish I could lose weight so easily.

Ok, I'm off to do my usual posts and then get to bed.

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