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Another day at the hospital

Mom & I showed up to see my aunt in the afternoon. My cousin had been there a few hours before. My aunt is still doing fine, so much that they started her on a liquid diet of jello, juices, broth, tea, and frozen sorbets. She ate/drank quite a bit of it while we were there and was in very good spirits. The only things that seem to bother her are when her back aches and that her stomach is still physically touchy. But she gets morphine for her back when she needs it and just remembers to not rest her arms on her stomach or move the wrong way.

She's at a hospital about a half hour's drive from us. It's also the hospital I was born in. :) The nurses are very nice and attentive. So much better than the one my grandpa was at nearly a year ago when he died. They'd take an hour to get him anything. Awful! Here it's like 10 min. but usually less than that. They're very quick.

There is one nurse, however, that we could do without. She means well and she's very friendly, but it's hard to understand her through her thick accent. At one point she came in and was trying to fix the rolling table with the food & drinks on it where it would be closer to my aunt. It was actually right where she wanted it and she could reach things fine. Anyway this nurse raises it up and moves it over the bed, splashing the broth & hot tea all over the tray and my aunt...twice! Luckily, it didn't burn her. It fell mostly on the blanket, which the nurse quickly replaced, apologizing. She was a regular bull in a china shop! If she'd just left things alone. *sigh* They were fine before she came in. I ended up cleaning the tops and bottoms of all the food & juice containers and just setting them on the table and put the soaking wet tray over by the sink.

Anyway, there's not much else to report because we're waiting for Monday so they can do the next test to find out what that mass in or on her stomach is. They're still giving her fluids via an IV, but they're cut back on it since she's drinking stuff on her own. We chatted and sat for a few hours and then mom & I went out to eat before coming home.

I hate coming home tired. I did take a short nap this evening, but now it's too late to really do much of anything and I've got a headache (yes, I'll take something). Need to try to get to bed early tonight as we'll be back at the hospital again later on this Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for all your well-wishes and concerns. I really should be getting to my Xmas cards, but again, my time here at home is limited. Maybe tomorrow...or after Monday when we know more.

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