raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

And the suck-fest of 2011 continues

Aunt is still at the hospital. She was in a bit more pain today, but they keep giving her morphine, which helps. They also moved her from a clear liquid diet to just a liquid diet. That means pudding, soup, coffee, milk, and juice. She ate some of it while we were there, but she's not used to eating so much right now. After midnight tonight she can't have anything as they'll be preparing her for the biopsy on the stomach mass sometime tomorrow. The plan then is that they'll let her come home until they figure out what this mass is and what to do next.

Then mom & I come home and turn up the heat (since we turn it down when we're not here or sleeping) and it won't come on! It's already darned cold in here, only 34 degrees outside, and it's supposed to get down BELOW freezing tonight, even into the 20s. Friggin' hell! What more can go wrong???

I hate being cold. This sucks!

Edit: So mom checked and the pilot light on the furnace is out. Shoot. Neither of us have any clue how to light it again. It's done this before, but it's been years...when my dad was still alive and able to re-light it himself 'cause he knew how to do such things. *sigh*

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