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Can things start working in our Favor for once?

Time for another update of what is turning into a very different December than I imagined.

:: My aunt is still in the hospital. She didn't feel quite ready to come home according to my cousin. Mom & I weren't able to go see her today, but we'll be going back tomorrow, possibly to bring her home though there's still no clue when she'll be discharged.

:: The weather is still bitterly dry and COLD! Temps barely get into the 40s for highs and dip below freezing for the lows. There's no sign of this trend changing in the next 10 days.

:: We called the power company about our furnace not working and they sent out a guy around 2 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, he said the furnace appears to be in working order and the pilot light IS lit, but the problem is that something is wrong with the electrical wiring from the circuit breaker box to the furnace. We've had problems with our wiring for years, a lot of our outlets throughout the house no longer work. We can trace it all to when a bulb in a floor lamp blew out. Looks like we'll finally have to get it fixed. First, we need to find an electrician.

:: In the meantime, our house is so cold that we can no longer stay there. So mom & I are over at my aunt's house (it's just down one house from us). We spent Monday night here and it was quite nice to be warm for a few hours. Then we had to go back over to our ice box of a house for much of Tuesday while we waited for the repair guy to show up. We were miserable! So cold! Once he left, we packed up some things and came over to my aunt's place just so we could warm up and think again! It's so hard to think when you're freezing to death! I told my mom, all I could think was COLD! Btw, we've got the bathroom & kitchen faucets in our house running at a tiny trickle to hopefully *fingers crossed* keep our pipes from bursting due to the cold. We sure don't need that on top of everything else!

So there you have it. For the time being we will not be in our house except for short periods or to pick things up to bring over to my aunt's house. No need to worry about getting that Christmas tree up anymore. *sigh* I'm not even sure about getting our own Christmas cards out. Heck, I'm now questioning if I can even get holiday cards out to all of you! I'm still thinking it over and I'll let you know what I decide soon.

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