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The latest

Just a quickie update.

:: Yes, the furnace is still not working at our house, or as I'm currently calling it, the ice box. We have one more day of other things we need to take care of and then I think/hope we can start looking for an electrician.

:: My aunt was discharged from the hospital Wednesday night. Mom & I got there around 5 p.m. to pick her up. First thing she wanted? A McDonald's hamburger. She was so sick of tomato soup. Seems like they'd been giving her that for days. All she had was a craving for was a burger. I think my cousin was a little pissed that we gave in to her unhealthy cravings, but that's really all she wanted and there isn't much food in the house at the moment. Besides...she ate the whole thing and loved every bit of it. It was just one little burger. She could finally eat some real food for once that wasn't a liquid.

:: So now we begin living with my aunt. Not sure how this is going to work. Mom & I already feel discombobulated and out of our routines. No denying I miss my room. *sigh*

:: I hope by this weekend I'll have some idea of what I'll be able to do Christmas card-wise. Still holding out hope that can send some out in time.

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