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raloria - Screencapping Goddess

From warmth to freezing and back again

:: Aunt keeps waffling back and forth between doing well and then not so well. At times she lets the pain take hold before she takes any Tylenol and then she's really miserable. We're trying to get her to take it more often, but she says taking it makes her want to throw up. However, mom & I did go shopping for some food for her so we can at least keep plying her with soup, toast, and jello. We're also trying to get her in to see her regular doctor, hopefully later today.

:: Nearly lost it emotionally a couple of times Thursday. I was this close to tears. I chalked it up to all the stress, but then came to the realization that my period was starting. *sigh* Timing. Haven't had one for a long time due to stress, but now it decides is the time. Do. Not. Want. Ugh. Starting to get some cramps already. :(

:: We grabbed more stuff from our house today/tonight and nearly froze in the process. It's really living up to the "ice box" name I've given it. Though I did take some time to just sit in my room. I miss it. I miss being surrounded by all my own stuff. *sniffs*

:: One of the things I grabbed tonight was my Xmas cards to send to you all. I still intend to send some out. Stay tuned for further details.

Tags: ramblings, real life
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