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From bad to worse

Yesterday (Friday) wasn't half bad as days go, but today....awful. :(

TMI Warning...

My aunt is in a lot of pain from her back (which has been ongoing for months), she still has diarrhea, nausea, and has already vomited up the Tylenol she tried to take for the back pain. She's barely eating and half the time doesn't know what she wants to eat.

Mom & I are both thinking she never should've been released from the hospital. Oh, did I mention she can't get in to see her doctor until Tuesday??? WTH??? I hope she's able to get there by then. Today it would've been impossible.

I've been looking up her symptoms and pancreatitis online and I keep coming back around to Acute Kidney Failure. I believe she's been having trouble with her kidneys for a while now. They found out about it just before her hysterectomy back in April. But the back pain, nausea & vomiting, lack of appetite, all kind of point in that direction. I dunno...I'm just trying to find an answer and I'm disappointed that she's still in bad shape despite being in the hospital for nearly a week. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I'm not much help today. My period is in full swing, though cramps haven't been much of an issue, I'm just very tired and sleepy. I have no energy. My throat also hurts, which sucks big time. I might have mentioned before my utter hatred of soar throats. They make me miserable. I can handle just about anything else, but a simple sore throat wipes me out. I'm hoping it's just because I breathed too much through my mouth the other night. Either way...Bleh. Suckage. :(

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