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Finally some good news aka The VanCon 2012 Line-up ROCKS!

With all the awful stuff going on in RL right now, tonight I got online and found out about some great additions to next year's VanCon! :D

Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver!!!!! OMG YAY!!!! :D

So not only are we getting Mark Pellegrino, Mr. Lucifer himself, but we're getting Crowley!!!

And Jim...well, Jim is a total sweetheart and I can't wait to see him again. Back in 09 I hadn't read his book yet, so I didn't buy one of the copies he had there. After the con, I did read it and now have my own copy, which I'll be able to have him sign this time! Yay! \0/

So here's the great line-up of guests for VanCon 2012 so far:

Julian Richings (tentative)
Kim Rhodes

Misha Collins
Jim Beaver
Mark Pellegrino
Matt Cohen
Richard Speight Jr.
Julie McNiven (tentative)
Mark Sheppard

Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Richard Speight Jr.
Jim Beaver (extra photo-ops & autos only)

Looks like Saturday is pretty well booked, but they could fill out Friday a bit more. How about Samantha Ferris? Or Amy Gumenick? And it would be sweet to have Steve Carlson as the musical guest again, since I missed out on his show back in 09. :)

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