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Real Life Status

Feel like I should catch you all up on life (such as it is) around here...

Last Tuesday my aunt had a doctor's appointment. I took her and while she was still feeling poorly (and needed to use our wheelchair) she still went. I filled in her doctor on what had been going on ('cause she certainly wouldn't have told him much) and he couldn't understand why she didn't see him sooner. *sigh* Not like we didn't try to get her to go. Anyway, he was still waiting for the full biopsy report on the masses in her stomach. Seems like the lab was taking it's sweet time with sending them out. He prescribed her some pills for her nausea and told her to keep taking the Tylenol for her back pain. In hindsight I should've told him it really didn't help her much and asked that he prescribe something stronger for her pain, but that's all water under the bridge now.

He made sure to tell her that she had to start eating more and drinking more water because she was dehydrated again and her strength was not up enough for them to even do anything about the stomach masses. However, we got home and things didn't change much. We tried to get her to eat and drink more, but more often than not she didn't. She'd eat a little and then said she couldn't eat anymore. Meanwhile she was still in a lot of pain.

Long story short, it all came to a head Saturday evening when she couldn't keep anything down again. By Sunday morning she finally conceded that it was time to go back to the hospital. So we called my cousin, K, and she came down to take her mom to another hospital (my aunt didn't like the last one she was in). Mom & I followed and ended up waiting in the ER's waiting area for several hours before K told us what was going on (we then went on home since we'd just be waiting around some more). They were doing a whole new set of tests including another CT scan of her stomach. They found out the masses in her stomach have gotten larger. The plan is for an oncologist to come visit her next and once they get the biopsy report from the previous hospital, put together some plan of action. They need to get started on taking care of this problem. All the constant waiting is not helping my aunt at all. So she's in the hospital tonight and at the very least the next several days while they get her hydrated again and stabilized. We'll be going to visit her later today.

As for me...I must admit I feel better about my aunt being in the hospital again. I know they'll take care of her better than we could. K said she has a private room right outside the nurse's station. Very nice. It takes the pressure off mom & I, of course. The stress and worry is much less, too.

My cold/bug/whatever it was is nearly gone. My mom has now got something but hers seems more like allergies. We're still living over at my aunt's house because we've been busy taking care of her and not able to find an electrician to see about the problem with our furnace. Not sure when it'll happen, really. But while my aunt was here she needed us to take care of her and we needed her warm house, so it all worked out mutually that way.

Thing is...I miss my room, my bed, my things. Keep in mind that our house & my aunt's are exactly the same model with the same layout of rooms and such. So my room here at her house is the same as my actual room...it's even painted pink like mine. It used to be my cousin, K's room. But of course it's not MY room and the bed's not mine either. I did bring over my SPN calendars though, so at least I have the boys on the wall. It's not much, but it's something. Still, it's been taking me an hour or more to get to sleep each night. Don't know whether it's due to stress or the different environment...maybe both.

I'm practically done with my Christmas cards. Mom still wants me to type out some kind of letter to send to our relatives, but it'll obviously be mailed out late. Wish I felt more in the Christmas mood, but with everything that's going on there certainly isn't much reason for celebrating or making merry. *sigh* It'll be another year without a Christmas for us, the first being last year with my grandpa ending up in the hospital. I just hope that 2012 is a better year. It has to be, right?

I was telling wynefred that I'm holding onto VanCon next year very tightly right now. I HAVE to have that weekend to have some fun. I'm already missing Vancouver and that's the only time each year that I get to have any fun at all and I'm determined to go no matter what happens between now and then. Sure, I've already got my Gold Ticket, but that can always be sold, but I don't want to that. With all this bad stuff going on I keep thinking about VanCon a lot and wishing I was there right now. It's 8 months away. Things are bound to get better by then, right? *hopes*

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