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:: After the defriendings on Christmas Eve as mentioned in this post, I got in contact with the mutual friend who cut me. She had her reasons (plus she apologized for her bad timing) and I'm okay with it now, so it's all good. The other 2...well their timing still sucked out loud. Thank you All, btw for your comments to that post. I was feeling quite down that night and it felt good to know I had so many friends in my corner, so to speak. *hugs*

:: Christmas, of course, was a big fat nothing here. Just another day like any other. I'm honestly glad it's over. Now I can forget about it and look forward to this awful year being over.

:: Glad people liked the animations I posted last night. Made them yesterday since I didn't have time to cap 7.09. Hopefully I can get the episode capped later this week or next weekend.

:: Just to let folks know...capping episodes and making animations has gotten a lot tougher for me. I don't have easy access to my PC anymore (which has all the right software for capping and such that my laptop doesn't). It's currently in my "ice box" of a house since the furnace is no longer working there. I'm currently staying with a nearby relative and visit the house (aka ice box) when I can. Edit: ATM the furnace situation is a secondary problem that is waiting to be dealt with once other, more important things are taken care of. When I go there to use the PC, it's for several hours at a time, so I can get things done all at once and so the computer is on for a stretch of time.

So when I'm making caps, fixing them, or making animations...I'm doing it in an environment that's below 50 degrees F. It's VERY COLD. Since it takes me several hours for capping an episode....well, you can imagine I get quite chilly despite being bundled up in several layers of clothing. I'm trying to get caught up on capping the last few Season 7 episodes, but naturally it's taking a little longer due to the conditions. I thank you for your continued patience and understanding. :)

:: I keep wanting to get started making the Season 6 B&W Fanarts, but something always comes up. Had great plans of having them all done by now, but RL issues got in the way. *sigh* Maybe I can at least make a start on them this week. Would be nice to have some of them posted by the time SPN comes back on Jan. 6th.

:: Speaking of SPN...I never did type up a reaction post to the last episode. Is anyone still interested in my thoughts about it?

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