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Long Day, Bad News

I realize I haven't updated about my aunt in a while. So much has happened, and I often felt I had nothing really interesting to report.

None of that really matters now. All that matters is that today we found out the bad news: rare cancer, in-operable, aggressive, death in a few months.

It was a long, exhausting day of 2 hospitals and lots of poking and prodding by the doctors on my aunt's stomach, which is very sensitive and painful. The masses on her stomach are large and getting larger and there's ones in her pelvic region as well. The doctor stated so much of the stomach and liver and probably intestines would have to be removed that my aunt would not survive the surgery. Chemo is also not recommended because it would probably make her feel worse and not even help.

Our goal now is to try and make her pain go away and make her as comfortable as possible. Arrangements are being made to hopefully move her into hospice.

I'm just kind of numb from the news. So many deaths in our family of relatives in too short a time. I just can't process another right now.

I hope you won't mind if I keep the comments off for this post.

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