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SPN Episode Title Caps: 4x11 Family Remains

Not really one of my favorite episodes, but it still beats Season 5's "Swap Meat". :P

My goal is to post a title cap each day until I catch up to Season 7 and then it'll be weekly. Each cap has been given the same effect in Picnik, which I think provides a nice gritty, cinematic feel.

Click to see the full-sized cap.

SAM: "What are you doing?"
DEAN: "What's it look like I'm doing?"
SAM: "Like you're looking for a job."
DEAN: "Yahtzee."
SAM: "We just finished a job like two hours ago."
DEAN: "Adrenaline's still pumping, I guess. So, what do you think... Cedar rapids, Tulsa, or Chi-Town?"
SAM: "I am all for working. I really am. But you got us chasing cases nonstop for like a month now. We need sleep."
DEAN: "Yeah, we can sleep when we're dead."
SAM: "You're exhausted, Dean."
DEAN: "I'm good."
SAM: "No, you're not. You're running on fumes, and you can't run forever."
DEAN: "And what am I running from?"
SAM: "From what you told me. Or are we pretending that never happened?"
DEAN: "Stratton, Nebraska. Farm town. A man gets hacked to death in a locked room inside a locked house. No signs of forced entry."
SAM: "Sounds like a ghost."
DEAN: "Yes, it does."

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