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Because I'm missing Vancouver...Picspam!

Got a lot going on right now (as my flist knows all too well) and I'm still looking forward to VanCon in August and being in Vancouver once again. I miss the city so much. It's like my home away from home.

This all started with this pic, which happened to be on a "Photos Of The Year" post for Vancouver. Yes, it's of the riots, but it also shows not only the hotel we usually stay in (Best Western Downtown), but the convention hotel as well (Sheraton Wall Centre). This is looking right up Granville Street while on the bridge. Great picture, despite the violent circumstances at the time.

Smoke over Vancouver during riots

All photos belong to their respective owners. Click on them to be taken to their pages on Flickr.

Sunset Downtown

Yaletown highrises.

View of Vancouver downtown from Cypress Mountain

Vancouver Downtown

Vancouver Downtown at Night

Downtown Vancouver at sunset

Vancouver New Years Eve 2010

Granville Street Bridge, Vancouver, BC, Canada at Night

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