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First Impressions: 7x11 Adventures In Babysitting

This time I got to do something different as I watched the episode live. wynefred was just getting her download of the eppy and volunteered to wait and watch it with me. It was great fun being able to watch the show and chat at the same time. So what you'll see here is mostly my babbling and thoughts on IM during the eppy. Hope it's still fun. *g*

Really enjoyed the Then and the REO Speedwagon song. :)

Ian Tracey! Haven't seen him in ages. Remember him from that one Dark Angel eppy?

Uh oh, this can't be good. Back away dude. Ooops. Too late.

Oh, no. They're just sitting there. I think Bobby's dead. :(
Damn, three weeks. Dean is still drinking of course and plotting revenge on Dick Roman.

I dunno, Sam. She didn't sound scared to me.

"His last breath" *iz in denial*

The thing with the beer is very creepy. I'm loving the idea I've read on my flist that it was Bobby's ghost. Seems just like the type of thing he would do. Besides, if Ellen is keeping an eye on Dean you can bet for sure that Bobby is too. ;)

I'm sorry, but Sam/Jared's sideburns have got to go!

Her dad's a salesman....riiiiight.
Ah, the hunter's wall.

That almost looks like the Impala...almost. *misses her like whoah*
Hi, Frank! Uh, oh. How is Dean going to prove he's not a Levi?
Ah, right the black goo. I'd forgotten.

Who else found it incredibly hot when Dean whipped out that knife to cut his arm?
I had a flashback of Jensen at the VanCon 2011 Sunday Breakfast. *swoons & flails*
"See...I bleed American." Heh.

Whoah. How much did Dean pay Frank to find the numbers? Five Grand! o.O
*wonders where Dean got that kind of cash*

No, no, no, no, no!!!!! He said it. :( Dean said Bobby's dead. It's real.
I didn't wanna believe it when Sam said it to Crissy because he faltered a little, but Dean didn't. They did it. They killed Bobby! *cries*

Oh, yes! There IS a missing number. Glad the guess over the hiatus about it being coordinates was right. *g*
Sam's a little leery about Dean checking it out alone.
Dean: "It's a field, not the Death Star." LOL Love it!

Awwww. Dean fell asleep. Poor guy. And he's missing Sam's call. That can't be a good thing.

No, Sam! Don't talk to her! Run away!
There's no way this isn't a set up. Nooooooo!!!!! Sammy!!!! :(
On a shallow side note though....tummy!!!! *g*

Aw, Dean..."I'm not gonna walk out on my brother." *loves him*
Nice to see that Frank has a tragic backstory, too. But then...what hunter doesn't?

Oh, no...Dean knows Sam's in trouble now.
Tied up Sammy. Damn...they drain the guys. Five or six times and then they're dead. *worries about Sam* :(

Crissy's gonna find out the truth about her dad. Wait. Where'd it all go? Ha! She already knows. She's like Dean...very smart and spunky. *g*

Now, Dean...don't be nasty just 'cause you're hurting.
Crissy: "Your brother's the size of a car." LMAO

Ah, Sam...using diversion to spare his fellow prisoner. But it makes him the next victim. Ouch! :(

Smart move with Dean cuffing her to the steering wheel. Did anyone else think back to the lady cop in The Benders?
Whatcha wanna bet she's got a backup lockpick? Hee!

Go Dean! Go! Gah!!!! I knew it! She got loose and now she's a prisoner. Gah!!!! Stalemate.
Good girl making the move on the creature. Poor Dean just kinda stands there.

Kudos to Dean for wanting the girl to have a normal life but....how? She's in it. Sam tried to get out and failed. So did Dean.

Aw. Cute goodbye between Dean and Crissy.

Boys in the car...too bad it's not baby.
Yeah, Sam knows Dean's not "fine".
Kinda odd that Sam turned on the music, isn't it? But then maybe he already somehow knew Dean needed a "moment", which would make it even more sad.
Poor Dean. I just wanna hug him.
Best description I saw of Dean at the end: From Twitter "a Frank-style "fake it til you make it while you bleed inside" type smile".
Too true. Put up that wall that's cracking, slap on a fake smile, and try not to fall apart because you're "a professional". *sigh*
He broke my heart again. :(

Can you tell I loved the eppy? Yeah, nothing new there, right? ;)
Usually I don't like the boys working cases apart, but it worked here because they kept checking in with each other and worrying about one another. Plus, unlike in seasons past they were apart because there was two jobs and not because of any division between the two of them.

How awesome was the gal who played Crissy? She played her female mini-Dean perfectly. It'd be cool if the guys ran into her again down the road. I honestly don't think she'll get out of the life. The boys were right...the only way out is death.

As for Bobby's demise...I'd kept hoping it wouldn't happen, but it has. *sigh* It's painful, but they said no punches would be pulled this year as far as taking things away from the boys. They weren't kidding. It hurt enough to lose Castiel and the car, but now Bobby...the surrogate father, the trusted friend, the wizened man who had all the answers. I'm going to miss him as much as Sam & Dean will. I'd like to think he'll return one day. Maybe as a spirit...remember the missing beer? It'll be cool if they continue that thread in the episodes to come.

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