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Tales From Auntie's House: Catching Up

Things have been really chaotic lately and I haven't had time to fill you all in on the last several days.

Thursday, Jan. 5th
:: After my little breakdown Wednesday night, I didn't end up getting to bed until 7 a.m. Thursday morning. My knees were so sore from so much sitting and I was so exhausted that when I went to bed I actually began talking out loud to myself. I was just babbling and I couldn't stop. Thing is...I knew I was babbling to myself and that I should get to sleep. It's just that part of my brain wouldn't shut up. Eventually, I did quiet down and drifted off, but it took some work and concentration. I only got 3 hours of sleep before I had to get up at 10 or 11 a.m. to help mom out. Needless to say I was running on empty.
:: My cousin K and her husband came down and right away she noted how awful I looked, calling me "a zombie". I guess I did look rather bad. I certainly felt it.
:: The lawyer came and put things into motion for my aunt's will and getting my cousin set up as Power of Attorney.
:: K stayed w/my aunt while mom and I went out and did some errands & grocery shopping. Eventually, just from walking my knees got better. However, by the time we got home I had the hints of a headache. I took something and it got WORSE! Ugh. :(

Friday, Jan. 6th
:: A nurse and a social worker from the Highline Healthcare & Hospice came by and started my aunt on hospice. The nurse even helped get my aunt's stool sample taken care of so my cousin could turn it in. We need to find out what's causing this diarrhea.
:: Anyway, they promised to get us some things: a commode, a wheelchair, and various other items. We were also told to expect a phone call on Sunday and more follow-ups.
:: The rest of the day/evening is kind of a blur.

Saturday & Sunday, Jan. 7th & 8th
:: Honestly, I don't remember much of the weekend. We did notice my aunt's speech was getting harder to understand. Doesn't help that she has phlegm in her throat that she keeps clearing to try and clear out.
:: She was still using the walker to get down the hall to the bathroom & back, but she was much slower. Getting her up out of her chair and off the toilet got a lot more difficult. I think on Sunday we decided using the wheelchair to at least get her down the hall was the best thing to do. It did help, but she was still really weak in her legs and walking just a bit from the bedroom door to the bathroom is a struggle.
:: Not surprisingly, we got no phone call on Sunday from the healthcare people. *sigh* So much for the help we were promised.
:: Aunt eating a lot less. Maybe a few bites of something all day/night long. She's a lot weaker because of it. Really hard to make out what she's saying most of the time.
:: At one point I had trouble getting her to take one of her pills. It was like she forgot what she was doing - I had to keep reminding her. That's another change: more confusion and forgetfulness. When she goes down to the bathroom she forgets whether she's coming or going.
:: Late at night we'd taken her down to the bathroom in the wheelchair. We got her out of the bathroom and she was using the walker to get back to the wheelchair when she fell. Ended up calling 911 so the fire department guys could come and lift her up and into the chair. They then wheeled her back out to her chair in the living room and got her settled in there, too.
:: I got to bed late because I figured mom would need me if aunt had to go again. She eventually made me go to bed.

Monday, Jan. 9th
:: At 7 a.m. mom woke me up that she needed help getting aunt off the toilet. We tried to get her up, but she had no strength in her legs whatsoever. Again I had to call 911. The firefighters got her up and then she could at least sit on her bed to rest. We eventually got her into the wheelchair and back out into her chair in the living room. By the time she was settled again and I gave her some meds which she was late for, there was no going back to bed.
:: There were lots of phone calls, including one from the company who wanted to deliver a hospital bed to the house. One problem -- we had to make room for it because they weren't going to take away the old one. Cute. Meanwhile we were still waiting for the commode.
:: Called K and she came down around 1 p.m. Again, she found me exhausted and sleepy from only 3 hours of sleep. *sigh* She brought a new phone for us (one that we could have out in the living rm and louder).
:: Another social worker from the Highline folks came by and really helped us out and got things rolling on some stuff to help. She even helped us move furniture and stuff out of the living room to make room for the hospital bed. An hour or so after she left the commode and the bed were delivered. My aunt most likely won't use the bed, but at least it's here if she needs it. She's really most comfortable in her chair.
:: K helped move some more things around and then went home.
:: I must more than once during the day I nearly lost it again. I felt so exhausted and frustrated because things are changing so rapidly with my aunt and it's really becoming too much for my mom and I.

Today K will be back down because the lawyer is also returning to bring the final papers for signing. There will also be someone from another agency that can hopefully provide us with someone to stay here for at least a few hours each night so mom & I can get some sleep. It seems we need the most help in the late night/early morning hours.

So far auntie has used the commode once. Worked out okay, but we still need to move a few things around so it works better. At the moment she's sleeping and I'm having difficulty waking her up to take her pills. *sigh* Don't know what I'm going to do if she refuses to take them.

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