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SPN Wins Two People's Choice Awards!!!!

We did it! They did it!!!!! So happy that SPN won not only Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy show, but FAVORITE TV DRAMA as well!!!! Excellent!!!! This fandom ROCKS!!!!! :D *happy dances*

The win is tinged with a bit of disappointment because the acceptance speech by the boys was not shown during the awards show itself, but in some kind of a pre-show red carpet bit. BOO!!!! PCAs!!!! That is NOT COOL! But they're sure feeling the wrath of the SPN fans now. Go check it out over on Facebook.

Pic of the awards thanks to Producer, Jim Michaels

Anyway, the guys were gracious and wonderful in accepting both awards. And I'd like to point out they're on a motel room set and hello...Dean wearing a Henley!!!! *flails* :D

Oh, you should also check out this great and cute video by guest star Madison McLaughlin who played Missy Chambers in 7x11. She documented her time on the set and is a total fangirl for Jensen and Jared. :D Anyone know how to save this video? mrsr58 can you work your magic?

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