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Tales From Auntie's House: Sleep at last!

A quick update tonight...

After another night of simply napping off and on in my chair for the 2nd night in a row my knees were aching more than ever and I was a wreck! Didn't help that early in the morning mom & I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning up my aunt from a messy bout of diarrhea. I had to call my cousin, K and see if she could come down for a few hours. She arrived around 10 a.m. and I went to bed soon after and slept for 5 hours. Ah, bliss!!! :D

I woke up and felt human again! I profusely thanked my cousin for giving me a chance to get some sleep at last! My knees felt nearly normal again, too. Ahhhhh. :D

So tonight we have the first visit from our stay-overnight gal, Audrey. She's set to come 3 nights a week from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. to give me a chance to get some much-needed sleep in a bed. She's a young gal, 24 yrs. old, but nice. We're sitting here, getting to know one another. It's a little awkward, having a stranger in the house for several hours, but hopefully we'll acclimate soon.

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