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Excellent Article About SPN Being Snubbed At PCAs

Getting posted around LJ this morning, but it bears another mention.

This article expresses what I'm sure we're all feeling. When else has the Favorite Drama award gone unaired on the PCAs? Ever? You can bet if any other show had won it would've gotten air time. Grrrrrrr. >:[

Supernatural Wins At The People's Choice Awards, But Is There Evidence Of A Genre Conspiracy?

While I'm happy about the win, it's not right that once again our show fails to gain the respect it deserves after 7 seasons. How many other shows that started in 2005 are still on the air today?

I long for the day when genre shows get the same, worthy recognition as their mainstream cousins. Good acting, writing, and direction is the same no matter what the plot, characters, or setting. If the public recognizes talent when it sees it, so should the award shows.

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