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SPN Links

:: From Canadagraphs: Supernatural star Jared Padalecki returns from the TCAs, and has a differing opinion on the apparent SPN snub by the PCAs. -- Ok, so it makes sense that the guys were invited but couldn't attend because of working on the show but....

:: Email explanation from the PCAs -- I don't buy PCAs excuse of not showing the Best Drama award win because they can't televise everything. Obviously, in only 2 hours they can't, but the Drama category is a major one. You can bet if CBS's show of The Good Wife had won, the cast would've been at the show and it would've been part of the broadcasted awards. Just sayin'. *iz happy for the win, but still bitter over the snub*

:: TCA 2012: Jared Padalecki On Supernatural Departures, Ruby, Jensen The Director & More -- Transcript of what Jared said during the panel. So nice what he said about Misha, Jim, and Jensen, of course and very interesting about The French Mistake.

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