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Photos & Video: Big Snow & Ice Storm

Not sure how many of you have heard about the big winter blast that has hit a lot of Washington, Oregon, and even up in Vancouver, BC. We've been dealing with this thing all week. Today it was supposed to warm up and thaw us out, but the bitter cold and snow refuses to leave.

Wednesday was a day full of snow for all of Western Washington. We got at least 5 to 7 inches here in our neighborhood. But today we got freezing rain that then turned back into snow. All day long we've heard the "snap crackle pop crash" of tree limbs snapping and falling. Our lights have flickered off and on, but thankfully our power has stayed on. Thousands of people across Puget Sound haven't been as lucky and their power is likely to be out all weekend. :(

Anyway, I've got a bunch of pictures and a few videos to share. With any luck this stuff will be gone sometime tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Wed. Jan 18th: The view of my aunt's front yard.

Wed. Jan 18th: Along the front of the house.

Wed. Jan 18th: Snow covered trees across the street.

Wed. Jan 18th: View of our house and front yard.

Wed. Jan 18th: The street in front of our house.

Wed. Jan 18th: The fence around our front yard.

Wed. Jan 18th: Our neighbor's house across the street.

Wed. Jan 18th: One of our rose plants coated with snow.

Wed. Jan 18th: Our snow covered tree in the front yard.

Thurs. Jan 19th: With freezing rain all night and into the morning a branch on a tree in the front yard of my aunt's house snapped and fell.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Aunt's front yard from inside the house.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Our car in aunt's driveway.

Thurs. Jan 19th: One of my aunt's ice-encased rose plants.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Icicles on my aunt's house.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Our ice-covered car.

Thurs. Jan 19th: That's a pine tree across the street that snapped in half.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Thick ice covering every tree branch.

Thurs. Jan 19th: The tree in our front yard, bending under the weight of all that ice.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Looking along the side of our house you can see a tree branch that broke off from the tree next door that's now hanging over into our backyard and resting on our shed roof.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Icicles on our house.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Bent or broken tree branch on our front yard tree.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Our rose plant encased in ice.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Close-up of icicles on our roof.

Thurs. Jan 19th: This is the view out my bedroom window at my aunt's house - her large Japanese Maple tree covered in ice.

Thurs. Jan 19th: A few hours later this afternoon and you can see a 2nd branch has broken off of the tree in my aunt's front yard.

Thurs. Jan 19th: The tree and our car in the driveway.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Close-up of the broken tree branch on my aunt's tree.

Thurs. Jan 19th: In only a few hours time a bunch of branches had broken on the tree in our front yard.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Several branches are now in the street. I counted at least 5 broken branches.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Some of the large limb breaks.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Icicles on the street lamp in front of my aunt's house as more snow falls.

Thurs. Jan 19th: Another look at the broken tree at my aunt's place.

I took a few videos too the last time I was outside this afternoon. It was really cold with the temperature only at 29 degrees.

Video of our broken tree.

Video to illustrate our snow/ice/snow sandwich. This was on top of my aunt's mailbox, btw. My hand was totally numb after this. :P

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