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Yes, I'm still upset about Picnik

Spent a lot of Saturday exploring other online image editors. I've got bookmarks to a whole bunch of them that I tried out way-back-when even though I was happy with Picnik.

You know what?
None of them can replace Picnik.

Oh, a couple come close, but most fail miserably. So many are too simple or so clunky that they freeze while loading a simple effect. It's discouraging.

Picnik worked. It was simple enough for people who didn't know one thing about editing a photo yet had enough toys to play with to satisfy those of us who are more advanced. Picnik has effects that you can find nowhere else and has more controls on them than anyone else.

As one article I read put it: "I don't understand 1) why I should have to use a social network for photo-editing, and 2) how ANYONE is benefiting from closing Picnik!"

I feel the same way.
I have no desire to join Google+ and from what I've read about others who've checked out the image editing there, it's just the basic stuff from Picnik.

But again...why do away with it anyway? People use it, like love it. I can understand no longer offering support or updating it - fine. But leave it around for people to use!!!!!

This article expresses exactly how I feel.

I realize April is still months away, but knowing Picnik will no longer be a tool I can go to and use after that is depressing. When I think of all the caps I've fixed there, all the headers I've made, all the icons! It's a terrible loss. Sure, I'll still have PhotoScape on my PC, but it was oh, so nice to have an online image editor that I could use anywhere, on any platform.

*le sigh*

I plan on reviewing each of the online image editors I know of and have tried and I'll post a list of them later on (along w/my thoughts on each one). I know the loss of Picnik effects a lot of us and I hope this will help.

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