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Tales From Auntie's House: Frustration

I've fallen behind once again. Btw, don't feel like you have to comment to every one of these posts. I understand the content is sometimes a difficult thing to respond to.

Last Friday was a good day compared to the rest of the week. K was able to come down at last with the snow & ice melting and the main nurse, Jolene, also came to check my aunt out. We now have more liquid morphine at our disposal, though she's not taking it that often at all...maybe once or twice a day. Jolene re-wrapped aunt's legs, one of which mom & I would have to re-wrap again ourselves later on that night.

Saturday...I was busy going back & forth between the 2 houses to do things for mom. In the afternoon I had to cut away a bunch of the branches from the broken tree out front that was partially blocking our car from backing out of the driveway. Meanwhile, I was doing stuff online and by the late evening I was washing up the pile of dishes. Phew!

Sunday mom & I finally got out of the house in over a week! We had some errands to run and groceries to get so K came down again to stay with her mom.

As for my aunt...she's basically shutting down. She doesn't eat, except for the rare spoonful of orange jello so we can give her the morphine. She hasn't even drank any water in a day or so. She just sits in her chair, eyes closed, changing from resting against the back to sitting on the edge.

Potty times are non existent except when encouraged by us. She basically goes in the Depends pants and it's all we can do to get them changed once a day. I know it should be more often, but it's so hard to get her up on her feet now. Late last night mom & I got her onto the commode...barely. It then took the next hour and a half to get her back into the chair. Meanwhile, mom was getting more and more frustrated and that's another discussion entirely. *sigh*

My mom is frustrated by the whole current situation and when she gets frustrated she gets short-tempered...with everyone, but I tend to be the main one in the line of fire. Doesn't help when my aunt snaps at her every now and then. This brings up years of issues for my mom and she refuses to talk to my aunt. That means I'm the one who has to see if she's in pain, if she's ready to get up off the commode, etc. Peachy. More for me to do. *sigh* It's stupid that my mom's acting like a 5 year old about this. It's not like my aunt really realizes what's she's saying or doing half of the time. And honestly, it's getting to where she doesn't even respond to me all that well either.

So we're dealing with a lot of frustration. Auntie is just wasting away and while I'm trying to make her comfortable, it doesn't help when she refuses to take any medicine, even to ease her pain. *sigh* On Sunday, K said she asked her mom if she wants to be moved into a care facility, more like a private home taking care of a few patients...she got a firm "no". So that means she stays here, but K is looking at starting 24 hr. care for her soon. I'm thinking, the sooner the better. It would help if we could get auntie to use the hospital bed, but so far she's stuck to her chair. She doesn't want anything else. But I'm worried that very soon mom & I won't be able to lift her up and then changing her Depends will be impossible. At least if she's in the bed we could roll her around to get them off and on. If only we could get her to use the bed...*sigh*

I'm looking forward to Audrey arriving tonight. I'm hoping we can get auntie's pants changed once she's here. Plus...I'll be able to go to bed. Last night I stayed up because I felt my mom wouldn't be checking on my aunt so I'd do it myself. Meant I napped off and on all day long, but at least I'm a little better now. Still looking forward to a good night's sleep in my bed.

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