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Tales From Auntie's House: Randomness

:: Audrey's a sweet gal, but man can she talk your ear off! :P

:: Wednesday morning I had a dream about Jensen. I was on the SPN set as a Script Supervisor and I was sitting at a table opposite Jensen to help him run some lines. ::Cool!:: But there was a book standing up on the table and I laid it down and Jensen didn't like that. He got in a huff about it like I wasn't supposed to move that book. And then I woke up. :( I tried to get the dream back, but it didn't work. *sigh* It's weird how he was so upset over the book. I can't see Jensen ever being like that. I have a weird brain.

:: My back is a wreck from lifting my aunt up so many times. Thankfully with her in the bed those days are over. The bed I sleep on isn't much help. I wake up more often than not, in agony. Ouch!

:: Jolene is an awesome nurse. I love her get-things-done attitude. Sadly, I'm more wimpy in my caregiving approach with my aunt.

:: I still feel strange living in this house because this is the most time I've ever spent here in my life. I think this is why it takes me a while to get to sleep each night. I know it's not my room or my bed and it just doesn't feel right - no matter how much I try to tell myself differently.

:: I'm still losing weight even though I'm not doing anything specific to do so. Getting real close to being the same weight I was after my first VanCon in 09. In nearly the 2 months we've been here at my aunt's place, I've lost 10 pounds.

:: I love having my PC here along with my laptop, but using them means I'm uncomfortable no matter where I am. In the living room with my laptop I'm sitting in a comfortable chair, but after a while of crossing my legs for hours my knees hurt. But if I'm out here at the dining room table on my PC, sitting on these hard chairs, after a while my back hurts (and my butt). I can't win.

:: Having a microwave to use for the first time ever is fun! I'm getting to try all kinds of new foods I've been curious about. Sadly, so far our experiments with frozen TV dinners has been a bust. Healthy Choice? How about skimpy choice? Disappointing. We've got some Marie Callender's ones to try next. *crosses fingers*

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