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FanFic WIP Meme...with a twist

Been seeing this meme floating around on my flist over the past week or so and figured what the hell...let's see if this motivates me back into writing.

Naturally, I'm modifying the rules to fit me better. *iz a rebel* :P

Post the first sentence (or three) 5 sentences from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

NOTE: There's a few fics I don't have officially started yet, so I'll just give you the summary/idea of it instead.

These are really old ones that I'd forgotten I even had until I found them on my computer about a month ago. Please excuse some of the sucky writing on these. They're from my early writing period.

1. Title: Chosen
Summary: As Sam & Dean investigate a haunted house in the farmland of the Midwest, Dean is repeatedly contacted by the spirit of a girl who died mysteriously 28 years ago and whose body was never found.

Endless cornfields passed by as Dean drove the Impala in the late afternoon sun. He briefly glanced over at Sam, asleep in the passenger seat next to him, his head tilted back. They'd been on the road for hours, following a lead they read about in a newspaper about a haunted house. While they usually didn't bother with every haunted house they heard about, this one was different. The house had only just recently become haunted after the recent and unusual death of the owner, Jeffery Conner.

2. Title: Vision

Sam would never get used to his visions. They came so infrequently, that when they did occur, they were a shock to his system, throwing him off balance. The one thing he did know about his visions though, was that he was never in them. Until now.

3. Title: A Fateful End

It had all come down to this. After days of searching, Dean had finally tracked Sam down to an old abandoned warehouse outside of Lawrence, Kansas. He had followed his brother's bloody trail of dead victims across several states, always one step behind. The Demon had fulfilled it's promise and turned Sam into a killer, just like Max Miller and Ansom Weems. Dean had tried to protect Sam, had tried to save his brother from his fate, but in the end had been unable to change what had been written by the fates from the moment Sam had been born.

4. Title: In My Time Of Dying - Tag
Summary: Takes place after the demon leaves the truck driver's body and helps fill in all that missing time till the Winchester's are rescued in the daylight.

Sam looked over at his dad next to him after the demon escaped in a black cloud from the truck driver's mouth.

"Dad." John Winchester sat there, bloody and unmoving.

"Dad!" Sam tried again, a little more insistant, but there was no response.

The wavering voice of the now demonless truck driver cut through the night, "Oh my God! Did I do this?"

Sam couldn't answer the man, all he could think of was his family.

The next ones were prompts for a Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic over at hoodie_time. I signed up for these and then never got back to them. *sigh* I still have ideas for a lot of these (as you'll see). Some are closer to mental-writing conclusion than others.

5. Prompt: Gen. Dean seeks shelter in an abandoned barn or city building, but his relief is short-lived when his bloody wounds begin drawing out the rats. Sam needs to find him soon!

Notes: I've got Dean in an abandoned barn, with a leg injury. Thing is, he's trapped because when he closed the door shut behind him (running from what they were hunting) it jammed and now he's too weak to try and find another way out. Sam's still out in the cold and snow looking for him. They're able to communicate via cell phones, but Sam's having a hard time tracking him down. Meanwhile, the rats have found Dean and are starting to take an interest in him.

6. Prompt: Gen or Wincest, Death!Fic
Dean is fatally ill or injured, scared and in a lot of pain. Sam sits with him during his last hours (preferably in a motel room or the Impala). Can be during any season but Soul!Sam is a must. Bonus points if it's pre-series with 18ys old Dean and both Sam and John are there for him.

Notes: I've had a hard time for the setting with this one. Originally I went with them being in the Impala, but then I switched it to a motel room. Tried to get John in there, but I just wasn't feeling it. Felt the boys should be alone on this one. I am thinking this should be early in the series with no Bobby, angels, or anyone else to help them.

7. Prompt: Dean is injured, trapped, delirious, or whatever within sight of rescue (e.g. in Bobby's yard, right outside the hotel room, sitting in the impala, in the hotel room but can't reach his phone, etc). Perhaps Bobby, Sam, or whoever doesn't even know he's there or that he needs help. Gen please.

Notes: I've got this one mostly written in my head already. Just working out how to end it (Chuck: "Endings are hard!").
Here's the set up: The boys are staying at Bobby's and Dean ventures out into the yard late one night. He encounters a bunch of men...one of them is Steve Wandell's brother (Born Under A Bad Sign). He shoots Dean in the stomach for revenge and leaves him in the yard to die. Unable to get back to the house or call for help (he was sleeping, just slipped on his clothes with no cell phone), Dean tries to conserve his body heat as shock sets in and waits for sunrise and hopefully help from Sam or Bobby.

8. Prompt: The boys take a case that involves a spirit haunting a newly restored abandoned hotel/cabin/inn (author's choice).
The spirit feeds on pain and suffering. Of course it fixates on Dean because he tries to hide his fear/pain behind his tough guy act. It gains strength with each incident it inflicts on Dean. It gets so strong it is able to posses Sam and then really inflict pain.
Would love to see Dean physically hurt to the point where he is unable to fight back but still strong mentally. Once the spirit takes over Sam it's a new kind of hurt where he cries/begs for Sammy to fight it and please stop.

Notes: Again, I've struggled with this one. I'm still bouncing around the idea, with Dean physically and mentally trapped by this spirit. Trying to get Sam in there is the tough part for me somehow.

9. Prompt: Sometimes it's the little, ordinary, non-supernatural things that you have to look out for. A local or stray dog takes a serious disliking to Dean.

Notes: I've decided to go with Crowley's hellhound seeking revenge. Sadly, that's as far as I've gotten. I'm sure I had more at the time, but I didn't write them down. *sigh* Here's hoping it comes back to me because Dean and hellhounds opens up a world of possibilities. The look he gets in his eyes every time now...

The rest of these are totally mine, no prompts or nothing generated them. The first I can actually give you some lines from because it's the fic I started writing (by hand in a notebook) over a year ago. It's coming along, but it's not as fast as it once was, but I've got the main gist all worked out in my head already. The rest are just the ideas of ones I'm working on in my head.

10. Untitled
Summary: Season 6 - Crowley poisons Dean and offers Sam an ultimatum: Get 3 Alphas in 3 days or Dean dies and Sam won't get his soul back. [Obviously, this was begun back when we didn't know Cas was responsible for Sam returning soulless.]

Btw, I'm giving you my whole 1st page, cause I feel 5 sentences just isn't enough. (See, breaking the rules.) :P

Sam and Dean stepped into their shabby motel room, another hunt finished successfully. Even before he turned on the lights, Dean felt a presence in the room.

"Greetings, boys. Or should I say, employees.", came the familiar voice of Crowley, as Dean switched the lights on. Dean did not want to deal with the demon right now. He was cold and tired and looking forward to some sleep.

"What do you want?"

"What I want", said Crowley as he got up from a chair, "Is a little more enthusiasm. I'm disappointed in your output so far. I mean really...I thought you wanted your brother intact?"

"I do. We've been a little busy, saving people."

"A fruitless gesture, at best. My end game is far more important."

Sam glared at the annoying demon. He did want his soul back, but working for the likes of Crowley was not the best situation.

"It's ultimatum time, boys!", said the black-coated demon. He stretched out his right hand towards Dean and the elder Winchester cried out and quickly dropped to his knees.

"Dean!" Sam stepped closer to his brother.

Muhahahaha! *iz evil* :P Believe me, there is plenty of angst in this thing. If I didn't hate writing so much I'd have had this one finished months ago. *iz procrastinating* Motivate me people! Believe me, you'll be glad you did!

11. Untitled
Summary: Season 3 - Dean is clawed by a rare creature and poisoned. With only days to live, Dean suffers while Sam insists that he and Bobby do endless research to find a cure. Death-Fic.

Notes: This one is basically done...in my head. The only thing I've been having trouble with is the initial place and creature, but I think I've finally got that worked out. Lots of Dean in pain and Sam unable to do much to help. Bobby's been through all there is to know about the monster, but there's not much to go on. Sam keeps insisting there's got to be a way to save Dean but Bobby wants to end his suffering. Cue anguished and torn Sammy. There's some hugging and very brotherly stuff at the end. :)

12. Untitled
Summary: Season 7 - The Leviathans and a band of rogue demons find the brothers in an abandoned cabin. Dean gets fatally wounded and falls into Sam's arms. Death-Fic.

Notes: Yep, another sad one. I'm still working out how Dean is wounded, exactly, but I'm getting there. The main idea was that Dean dies literally in Sam's arms. Have a definite feeling Sam might not be far behind his brother on this one. :(

Almost forgot about my long-standing WIP. The sequel to my story "Unwilling To Let Go". It's actually a trilogy. I've been working (again, mostly just in my head) on the other 2 parts.

Part I: Unwilling To Let Go - Dean is taken by the Hellhounds.

Part II: Walking Through Hellfire - Sam finds a way to enter and exit hell and brings Dean back.

Part III: Blood and Bone and Fire - Dean's recovery.

A/N: Keep in mind this was started all before Season 3 even began. There's no Bela or Ruby or even Alastair. I had my idea of what Dean's hell would be like long before the show gave us an idea.

I'll give you some parts I have done for each of Parts 2 and 3.

13. Title: "Walking Through Hellfire"

A/N: Pretty sure I posted this scene in it's entirety before, but here's a little taste of it again.

The bathroom door opened and Sam emerged, taking in the quiet surroundings of the motel room. The room he once shared with his brother. The room that was now empty.

He expected to see the room completely trashed, but there was very little disturbed except for a broken lamp from between the beds, a knocked over chair, and a few shredded sheets on the unmade beds. Sam walked over to his own bed when a glint of gold caught his eye. Reaching out, he felt the familiar metal and cord of his brother's necklace. Holding up the amulet, there were splashes of blood covering parts of it. Dean's blood. Sam tried to push the thought away, pressing the golden face into his closed palm and resting his forehead against it, his composure starting to slip. He took a few ragged breaths. Crying wouldn't help Dean now.


This is the part where Sam has a vision of Dean in hell.

The fire crackled as Sam rubbed his tired eyes with his fingers. The words on the screen were getting blurry, but he had to keep reading. He'd keep at it until he couldn't keep his head up anymore. Fighting the urge to sleep, he yawned, already losing the battle with his exhausted body. Slumping in his chair, his eyes closed before he even realized it.

He smelled smoke and felt a warmth against his skin. Where am I? Opening his eyes he saw steam and pools of hot lava. Fires burned in the distance, filling the area with black smoke. Then he heard it....screams. Unearthly screams from close by. Steam blocked his vision for a moment and then he heard Dean's voice. It was weak, whimpering. Another cloud of hot steam engulfed him and suddenly Dean's voice was close, very close. It sounded like it was above him. Looking up through the smoke and haze his eyes met a terrible sight. Dean was suspended above him, face down and held by some invisible force. He was gasping in pain and Sam soon saw why. Blood was dripping from his brother's eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Sam nearly collapsed onto the ground in shock and horror. Steam hid Dean from his vision for a moment and when he reappeared he was calling to Sam. Sam! Help me, please! The words, so pained, echoed in Sam's ears. He tried to reach out for Dean, but couldn't get to him. Please Sam....I....can't. Dean was nearly choking on his blood, the words strained. Please....Sam! Please.....help meeee!

14. Title: "Blood And Bone And Fire"

A/N: Pretty sure I've posted this whole scene before, but here's part of it anyway. Sam finds Dean bleeding on the bathroom floor at Bobby's and writing words in his own blood on the wall.

“Dean?” Still nothing. Sam carefully reached out his hand and touched Dean's sleeve. With the contact his brother instantly came to life. “No! Stay away from me!” Even though he had nowhere to go, Dean tried to scrunch himself farther back into the corner, fear and panic shading his eyes as he looked at Sam for the first time.

“Shhhh. It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.” Sam held up his hands, not wanting to appear threatening in any way.

“It's me....it's Sam. Okay?”

Dean was breathing fast, his eyes meeting Sam's and finding some recognition. “S-sam?”

Sam smiled just a little. At least he knows who I am. It was a start.

“Yeah. It's me. What's goin' on?” It seemed like a stupid question, but if the last few weeks had taught Sam anything, it was that he had to treat Dean carefully, as though he was made of glass. “Keep things simple” had become his motto along with “One step at a time”. It was like dealing with a frightened child, but it had been the only way.

Dean's face crumpled a bit, his eyes filling with unshed tears. “It's not...me! It's not me!”

Sam was confused. What did he mean? “What Dean? I don't understand.”

Dean's breathing was ragged, as he struggled for his next words. “It's....I'm....I'm...not me.”

“What are you talking about? Of course you're you.” Sam spoke in gentle tones, like one would speak to a hurt and frightened animal. “You're my brother”, he said, with a small smile on his lips, hoping to encourage Dean out his shell a little more.

“No....no....I'm not. I'm not.” A few tears streamed down Dean's face as he shook his head.

“Yes you are. You're my big brother Dean and you're gonna let me help you out of here, okay?” Sam inched a little closer, bridging the gap between them even as Dean tried to back away.

“No....no....Sam...I'm....” Dean's lips trembled, but Sam kept advancing, slowly. He had to get his brother out of here. The smell of blood was rising in the warm confines of the small room, the stench slightly turning his stomach. He reached carefully for Dean's hand.

“Here....give me your hand. You're hurt, Dean.” Without his brother realizing it, Sam tenderly took Dean's hand, careful not to touch the damaged knuckles. “We gotta get these cleaned up, okay? Can you stand up?”

Somehow, Dean acknowledged the help and with Sam's assistance, stood up on shaky legs. “Good. Now let's get you back to bed.” Dean just looked at Sam with frightened, tear-filled eyes, but he moved, allowing his brother to lead him back to his bed.


A/N: I've worked on the second to the last scene in this fic I don't know how many times. I once had the dialog going through my head perfectly, but then lost it when I tried to type it out. This was an attempt to get some of it back. This is just a taste of what the climactic part of the story will be like. Suicidal Dean. This is just dialog, nothing more.

Dean, what are you doing?

I...I can't do this anymore Sam. It's too hard. I'm not...I'm not....me.

Yes you are. Dean, I know this is tough-

You don't know anything about it! How can you! I'm alone.

No you're not. No you're not, Dean. I'm right here with you.

You have no idea what it was like! What they did...

But I do, Dean. I was there, to get you out. I saw.

(horrified look on Dean's face)

They hurt you bad. I know. But you can't just give up, Dean. Let me help you. Please.

No matter what I do it's like I'm still there. I can't escape from it. Every night....every time I close my eyes I'm there! You should have just left me and gone on with your life!

I couldn't. I couldn't live knowing you were down there suffering. I couldn't do it....anymore than you could for me. Dean, please. Put the knife down. Let me help you. You're not alone in this. You don't have to carry this weight alone. Let me help you.

Ooopsie! Found one more! This was my idea of how the series would end, back when the angels were still around in full force. Kind of what Season 5 could've been like. Major Death-Fic.

Edit: I'm giving you all that I have of this one so far. There's actually more to go and I think (hope) people will find it interesting. I've got good things in store for the boys, you'll see... *iz devious*

15. Title: "The End Of All Things"

Dean cradled Sam's upper body in his arms, his brother's body heavy and limp. He'd done what was asked of him, fulfilled his destiny, and for what? Sam was gone and no crossroads demon deal would bring him back this time. Dean rested his right cheek against Sam's head, his tears streaming down into the thick tossled hair. He'd done it. He'd killed his own brother. After doing everything he could do to save Sam, to spare them both from this ending, it had come to pass anyway.

They were alone on some deserted roadway, darkness all around. It wasn’t the happy setting Dean had expected upon saving the world from the Apocalypse, but then when had life ever done anything good for the Winchesters? All Dean could feel was emptiness. All those years of protecting Sam, of bringing his brother back from the brink of death again and again and he had been the one to finally finish the job. Who was the monster now?

Dean’s body was so racked by sobs that he barely heard the flutter of wings in front of him. Castiel’s gentle but deep voice filled the night air.


He raised his head to look up at the angel.

“I did it. You sons-of-bitches happy now? It’s over. He’s gone!”, Dean choked out through the tears.

Castiel squatted down. “You’ve saved billions of lives, Dean. Lucifer is no longer a threat.” He tried to show is understanding to this man who had become his friend. Dean’s tear-streaked face showed none of that recognition.

“I’ve lost everything! My family is gone, Cas! I ca....I can’t....” Dean’s face twisted in anguish.

“Your sacrifice has saved the entire world. I know it’s difficult to see-”

“I don’t care! I don’t! I did everything that was asked of me. I stopped him, but now I have nothing!”

“I am sorry, Dean.”

“Yeah, well....at least I can finish the job.” From behind Sam’s body, Dean picked up his handgun and raised it to his temple. “I’m through. Done.” Dean’s eyes turned cold with the clarity of his decision. “I’m going to be with my family.” And with that Dean pulled the trigger, his body slumping to the ground next to Sam’s and his arm still around his brother in a half embrace.

Castiel slowly stood up and looked down on the bodies of the two brothers he had watched over for so long. There was a flutter of wings behind him and a familiar voice spoke.

“So it’s finished”, Zachariah said with calm satisfaction. “You know what to do.”

Castiel slowly nodded and reached down to touch Sam and Dean’s foreheads with his fingertips, a bright light eminating and overtaking the darkness of the night.

Okay folks, that's all I've got. Phew! :P
I really dislike actually writing stuff, so I need lots of motivation! I write all kinds of things in my head, but typing them out into sentences? Boring! And tedious and not my favorite thing to do. But...it's the only way others get to know what's going on in my head (scary, huh?). ;) So I hope you'll get me back into writing again with some of these. All I can do is ask, right? *makes Sammy puppy eyes* :D

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