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First Impressions: 7x12 Time After Time

Sorry for being late with this. I didn't get to see the episode in it's entirety live and then didn't have time to watch it again to review until now. I'll try to do better with tonight's episode. ;)

Sam: What's the plan here?
Dean: Don't die.

And thus this time traveling episode begins. :)

You'd think the boys would know by now that splitting up is a bad idea. *sigh* Dean goes after the guy they're following, gets swallowed up by a red light and disappears. Ooops.

Two days earlier and we see Dean's still researching Dick Roman.

Sam is woken up by his cell ringing, looks over at Dean.
Dean: "Don't give me that dirty-diaper look. I ain't callin' ya."

Sheriff Mills has found something interesting...a missing body that reappeared mummified.

Sam: I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I hope you're watching cartoon smut, because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self punishment.
Dean: It's called anime. And it's an artform.

So the boys (in suits and driving yet another different car) check into an abandoned house in Canton, Ohio. Love the rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets the bedroom. Quite the staredown boys!

Dean: How does paper beat a rock?! It's stupid.

They're special agents Smith and Smith..."no relation". Heh.
They interview the witness who saw the "hat guy" age the vic.

Nice wide camera angle of the boys sitting in the house and going over the research. :)
Love how Dean gets to show off his new-found info. from Frank to bring up the webcams and impress Sam. Sam: "You need to teach me that trick."

Sam's eating! Another rare sight! :D
They're staking out hat-guy's house and soon see him. We're back to the scene the episode began with. The boys follow him, split up, and Dean disappears when he runs after hat-guy. This time we follow Dean and see he's not in Ohio anymore...at least not in current day Ohio. Awesome set design and well...everything! :D

Dean's immediately arrested. Nice old-fashioned handcuffs, too. The cop thinks he's a German spy. :P Dean finally figures out he's in 1944. Enter Eliot Ness aka Krychek! Hee! Love how his face is kept in shadow for a long time...keeps him mysterious. *g*

Poor Sam...all alone and trying to figure out where his brother is. Jody, of course, offers to come and help. Yay!

Dean's a total fanboy for "The Untouchables"! So he and Ness start exchanging info. on the case.

Dean getting new duds. Damn, but Jensen is hot in any clothing style. LOVE the close-up shots. :D Heh. Ezra said "idjits". *misses Bobby*

Jody and Sam notice the guy's ring in the old photo...it's Chronos. Ezra is filling in Dean on the same information about this god of time.

Eliot: Let's go kill that bastard. Because that...
Dean: (Imitating Sean Connery) Is the Chicago way.
Ezra: Chicago way?
Eliot: Who the hell talks like that?
Dean: Sean Connery.

They check out Chronos's house and Dean finds he's been betting on the horses with the info. he already knows. They pull in the bookie for questioning and Dean right away hauls off and hits the guy, which makes Ness frown a bit. "I learned it from watching you." Heh. Dean's all bad cop to Ness's good. Sorry...I'm drooling over Jensen in that outfit. :P

Sam & Jody find out that they need to track down the exact time Dean is touching Chronos in order to bring him back. Damn...Jared looks great here, too. :D Jody finds an old bottle of whiskey from Rufus to Bobby. Jody's missing Bobby...awww.

I love these old cars! Dean's surprised to see Ness drinking.
Eliot: Why do you think I went after Capone in the first place? Guy made the best hooch in Chicago.

I like the talk about hunting between Ness and Dean in the car. Ness started hunting over vampires.

ELIOT NESS: Sometimes you just want to punch through the red tape with a silver bullet. Yeah, hunting sets me free. Isn't that why you hunt?
DEAN: I used to do it 'cause that's what my family did. But they just seem to keep dying. To tell you the truth, I don't know why I'm doing much of anything anymore.
ELIOT NESS: Boo-hoo. Cry me a river, ya nancy. Tell me, are all hunters as soft as you in the future? Everybody loses everybody. And then one day, boom. Your number's up, but at least you're making a difference. So enjoy it while it lasts, kid, 'cause hunting's the only clarity you're gonna find in this life. And that makes you luckier than most.

Great music here, very "Untouchables"-like. :)
Love Dean's reaction to the arsenal in Ness's trunk. "Sweet merciful awesome." Heehee!

They follow the girl and Chronos, raise their weapons and...find the two kissing in an alley. Hmmmm.

Ezra's got the pointy stick that will kill Chronos. Dean puts two and two together and realizes if Chronos dies he's stuck in the forties. Hee! Ezra kisses him...for luck! Lucky gal. Even older woman can't resist Dean Winchester. :D Total glee over the way Jensen puts on that hat. *drools* So sexy.

Meanwhile, Ness is tangling with Chronos. Uh oh.
That looks like the same house from Bloodlust. ;)

Dean's returned to the house he and Sam are squatting in. Agent Costner. Heh. ;)
He finds the room Sam will be sleeping in and settles in on the floor...and finds a spot on the baseboard to leave little brother a message.

I love Jody so much! Her going into mother-mode at Sam needing to get some sleep. "Do I have to use my mom-voice?" LOL
So Sam goes to bed, flops down on the floor and...sees his name carved into the baseboard!!!! Dean's left him a letter. :D

Sam & Jody track down Lila Taylor, Chronos's girlfriend from 44. They need to pinpoint the exact time Dean gets his hand on the time god. Sam's face when she tells them Dean had the life choked out of him. :(

Dean can't find Ness and goes into the house. He gets attacked by Chronos, but not before Ness captures Lila. Meanwhile, Jody and Sam are working on the spell to bring Dean back. Oooh, his own blood to write down the exact time. Chronos kills people to be able to move through time, but he does it to get back to Lila because he loves her.

No! Dean!!!! Hurry Sam!!!!
The red light...Chronos has Dean...Ness tosses him the stick...and they're back in the present. Sam sticks him! Yay!

Chronos: You want to know your future? I know your future. It's covered in thick black ooze. It's everywhere. They're everywhere. Enjoy oblivion.

Ominous ending, but what a great episode! :D

Um...what is there left to say? This was another great time-travel episode. You really can't compare it to Frontierland though because it's special in it's own right. It was nice to have a more stand-alone episode for once. We need those now and then.

The best parts of this eppy:
:: Dean in 1940s attire. YUM!
:: Nicholas Lea as Eliot Ness. Helloooo Krycheck! :D
:: Jody working with Sam...and not dying!
:: The whole 1940s set design...beautiful!

Two big thumbs up for me. :D
Thanks for reading.

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