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First Impressions: 7x13 The Slice Girls

Look at me posting my review so early! \0/

Got to watch the whole eppy live this time and take my notes (thanks wynefred for allowing me to hijack our IM window for the hour with my ramblings). :)

Aw, man....they're playing the family theme music during the Then part.....*gets wibbly*
Poor Dean....smiling through the pain

Whoah! Really gory death scene.....yowch! Yikes....hands and feet gone.

Heh...Another Impala look alike. I MISS BABY!!!!!!
Awww...Sleeping Dean with Sammy driving. Dean's got Bobby's flask.
Dean's really not into this case.
Interesting symbol carved on the guy's chest.
Hey...I think that guy was on Hellcats! (Still misses that show.)

They're in Seattle!!!!! *iz happy* :D

Jenna from TVD. Miss her.
Oooh. Extreme Close-ups. Nice!
Oh, Dean, Dean, Dean....talk about vulnerable.

Oh, here we go...sex scene intercut with another victim getting sliced and carved.
Lydia...talk about predatory.

LOL....Next morning and Sam tells Dean he looks like crap. :P
Dean: "Nice decor. Very early slaughterhouse."

Dean calls Lydia....his "workout partner from last night" LOL
And....she's already pregnant!
We come back from break and she's giving birth....to baby Emma.

UBC filming location! In fact, there's the hallway where they shot the PCA video! The boys aren't pantless this time. :D
Dean goes to Lydia's to get the flask....and she calls him Don....LOL
There's little Emma.....heh.
Holy crap...the kid's talking already!

Another body....with no limbs.
Uh oh.....Sam's putting it together....The Cobalt Room is the key along with the one night stands.

Dean's staking out Lydia's.
Sweet car....but she's no baby. ;)
Dean on the phone with Sam: "I have been eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon."
Yeah, Sam....he didn't dodge a bullet.
They're taking Emma away....she's like 5 years old already.

No rubber ducks!!!!!! Yes!!!!! *squees* Thank you show for that little shout-out to Duck Nation. :D
Who/what are these women????
Ah...the amazons...and they're onto the boys....uh oh.
I can't believe that's the girl who played Missy in The Benders!

Oooh....the papers moved on their own! Like the beer in the other ep! *cue Twilight Zone music*
EMF is going crazy, but there's power lines...and an open window....yeah right, Sam.
Dean is thinking it's Bobby!
Sam says no way. Awww. :(
Sam....don't leave him alone!

Uh oh....knock on the door. Oh, yeah...gun at the ready. *guh*
It's Emma, now 16 years old. Don't listen to her Dean!!!!!!
It's a TRAP!!!!!!!

She's not like them....riiiiiiight.
Hurry up Sam.
Yep, yep....it's the kids doing the killing.
Dean you're in danger!!!!!
Oh no....Sam gets attacked by one!!!!! Phew! He shot her.

Heh....good boy, Dean. Always be wary.
Ooooh cool car scene with Sam.
Hurry Sam....Dean's weakening.
Oh man, he's trying to reason with her, telling her she can just walk away.
Sam shoots her. :(
They go to "the mother ship", but nothing's there. Cute.

Sam's driving the car...again.
Here we go with Amy....
Don't fight boys.... :(

Dean: "You’re just as screwed up as I am, you’re just...bigger."
Sam: "I don't care how you deal, just...Don't get killed."

Aw, boys. Neither of them is dealing well. *wants to hugs them*

Another solid episode. Great job by first-time director Jerry Wanek on this one. :D

I just knew the episode would end with Sam having to kill the girl when Dean wouldn't be able to. There's a reason why they re-aired "The Girl Next Door" during the little mini-hiatus...to remind us about Dean killing Amy when Sam couldn't do it. So now they're even, though Dean's not seeing it that way, but Sam sure is. Would Dean have killed his daughter? Good question. He was trying to reason with the girl...like Sam tried with Amy. It wouldn't have worked. She was going to kill him. The thing is, Dean will pull the trigger on any monster...as long as it's not family. Look how many times he refused to kill Sam, despite all the evidence that he was turning into something else over the years. Of course, he was right each time because there was always another solution, but it still shows that Dean is incapable of taking that step and killing someone he cares about. True, he didn't know Emma, but I think knowing she was his daughter might have been enough to make her family for him. And even if he had killed her, can you imagine the guilt? Dean doesn't need more of that. So I'm glad Sam was the one to make that choice and end her.

As for the love scene? Yowza. Been a long time for our boy, Dean. *g*
I heartily approve of shirtless Jensen anytime we can get it. Nice to see the protection tattoo again, as well.
Btw, look for a picspam of that scene soon! ;)

I'm glad Sam finally spoke up about how Dean's dealing with the passing of Cas and Bobby. It wasn't much, but for now I think it's enough. Right now Sam is handling it better than his brother, but how long will that last? The thing is...I don't think Dean cares that he's falling apart. He doesn't care about the drinking or that Sam knows about it. He's just tired and sick to death of losing everyone he cares about. But he's still got Sam and maybe at the end of the day that's all he really needs.

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