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Why do things have to keep disappearing???

First came news that Picnik is shutting down in April and now I find out that my favorite radio station from Vancouver is gone???

What. The. Hell??? *fumes*

I love listening to Shore 104 FM! They play great music and we don't have a station like this down here in Seattle. I listen to the Shore all the time online and I've discovered some great artists thanks to them: The Trews, Ladies Of The Canyon, Eric Hutchinson, Daniel Wesley...and so many others.

Here's the news: Source

Astral Media has closed on its acquisition of AAA “Shore 104.3” CHHR Vancouver from Shore Media Group and is preparing to get ready to change formats.

The entire airstaff was dismissed today. The station’s website currently features the following message:

We’re making changes to make Shore FM a better radio station. We appreciate your patience.
For now, we’re playing even more of your favourite Shore music. If you have suggestions or ideas on what you’d like to hear on Shore FM let us know using the form below.

We reported in December that Astral had registered Boom1043.com for potential use at CHHR.

Not to mention that I enjoyed listening to Sam Ferris (yes, our own Ellen on SPN) when she DJ'ed on the station. I can't believe this! Why do all the good things have to go away???? *cries*

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