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SPN 7x15 Promo Caps

Another promo that flashed by too quickly for my tastes (and I'm sure yours as well).

I've had this capped for a couple of days but either didn't have the motivation or time to post them. Sorry!
Btw, this will be the last new episode for a few weeks until March 9th. Boo. :(

Episode Description: Sam and Dean exorcised a demon in a small town four years ago and saved a postal worker in the process; now, the monster seems to have returned and the brothers pay a visit to the postal worker to see if he can remember any of the demon's plans.

Can I just say *squee* over seeing Dean's ring and skull bracelet again?!?! I can't imagine him not wearing the amulet, too. Clearly these are the flashback scenes to 4 years ago, but still...so happy to see these items again. I also can't wait to see what tortures Lucifer is going to put poor Sam through and DEAN!!!!!! *worries*

Whatcha wanna bet they'll leave us with a cliffhanger. Damn them! :P

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