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Happy Valentine's Day & Thank You!

As the graphic below (found on Tumblr) says, today is just another day to me, but I want to be sure to spread around just a taste of the massive amount of love that's been given to me lately. :)

THANK YOU to: alwaysateen, apieceofcake, ina_ami, daisychain1957, hituiwen, jennygeee, cologne_chick, fickleone, cowboyangel, & pat_susana for the pretty glass heart Virtual Gifts! My Profile Page looks very pretty right now. :D

I've sent some of my own out very randomly, but I think LJ won't send them until tomorrow? I didn't catch it until I was nearly done and then I figured it was too late. Sorry!

I'd also like to thank the following for their lovely messages they've sent to me in light of my recent RL drama: moondropz, womanofletters, sn_mistress, enablelove, borgmama1of5, & heartlessbytchh. Your words have touched me and given me strength. Thank you for being such wonderful people! ♥

And a BIG Thank You to anyone else who's sent positive thoughts and prayers to me and my family over the past 2 months. There is still much to deal with, but knowing so many of you are out there and thinking of me helps in my times of darkness. I am so grateful. *HUGS*

Graphic by: http://dryicons.com

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