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Tumblr Spring Cleaning

I'm starting my Spring Cleaning a little early.

Today I'm going through the list of Tumblrs I follow and re-evaluating them. I plan on unfollowing a bunch of them. Either they haven't posted in months or a year or their postings have changed.

If your Tumblr is mostly about Sherlock or Doctor Who, I'd expect to be unfollowed.
Sorry, but I'm not into those shows at all and lately my Dashboard has been full of those shows and enough is enough. I want my Tumblr Dash to be full of pretty pics, SPN, Jensen, Jared, Misha, or anything H5O or TVD.

No offense if I unfollow your Tumblr. I'm sure we either follow each other here on LJ or on Twitter.

On the other side of the coin...if you're not following me on Tumblr yet, feel free to do so. :D

My main Tumblr: http://roadtoshambala.tumblr.com/
My Tumblr for Vancouver: http://iluvvancouver.tumblr.com/
My Tumblr for SPN Filming Locations: http://spn-on-location.tumblr.com/

I hope to get back to posting to my Tumblrs regularly soon.

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